Blank Canvas Brush Post No.2 9 more newbies...


Morning Ladies!

Well here we are with my second post on my recent Blank Canvas Cosmetics purchases. I have given a little overview of each brush and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my Facebook  page.

1. F04 ANGLED BLUSH CONTOUR FACE BRUSH – This brush….OMG buy it!!! We were gifted one of these newbies at the Christmas Blogger event hosted by Lisa from PinkSugar and I had to order another one. This is the most perfect angled brush I own. It is super soft, fits into the hollow of my cheek perfectly and had a brilliant application.

2. AIRBRUSH BLENDER SPONGE (BABY PINK ,OVAL SHAPE) -  A beauty blender, this babies once they are damp can create a flawless face in seconds. I love using this on the mornings I just don't have enough time to do my makeup. They work so well into the skin and helps to really maximise the little amount of foundation you use. I bought the oval one as I prefer this shape to the others or so I think I'll try the others at the beauty show…

3. E36 LARGE CONCEALER /EYE SHADER- I like this brush. it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be for concealer purposes but as a shadow shadow I have been using it. I really like to work concealer into my blemishes (which we know I am suffering with big time at the mo) but this is deffo a handy brush to have in your collection.

4. E23 Short Pencil - For a long time I didn't know what these pencil brushes were used for, sure I heard people saying you can create a 'dark V shape on the outer corner of the eye' but that was like double dutch to me for a while, I just couldn't get the movements right but I can now say this little bad boy really makes that job easier. This brush is also perfect for placing some colour under the bottom lash line.

5. E27 Cute Mini Detailer - This mini brush is a great tool for the under eye area. Once you have placed a dark shadow on the bottom lash line you really need to blend it out to have a smokey look and not having two drastic colours from skin colour to shadow and this brush is perfect for that. Small side to side movements and your colour will look flawless.

6. E34 BLENDING BRUSH - Again another fab blender from BCC. Perfect for working into the crease, blending out colours and I like to use this brush to work on my transition colour (this is the light brown/peach tone people use to blend colours) 

7. E38 BROW FINISHER – I love this brush. Unlike the double ended brow brush I mentioned earlier, I actually find this brush thinner than the other. This is great as I like to line my brow on the bottom with a gel liner and this is perfect for that. I can add a really discreet line along the end of my brow and then fill in with the other brush using powder. I really like this little brush and was a happy surprise to add to my collection.

8. F25 LARGE POWDER/BRONZER BRUSH- This was a repurchase for me as I love my F25 brush. I think it's a great brush for setting your face with powder or dusting over some bronzer if you want a slightly sun kissed look. This is a big staple in my makeup application every day so I deffo say get one of these.

9. L29 Lip /Winged Eyeliner Brush- I haven't tried this brush as a liner brush but as a lip brush it's great. i find I like to use a good sharp pencil to line my lips and then fill in using the bullet itself but the brush is great for perfectly filling in your cupids bow. It's a necessary step I feel if you want to have a perfectly finished lip and this is essential when working with striking colours which we can be sure I absolutely love.

So there we are ladies, these are all the newbies I have bought in recent months. I think for me if your budget only allows for one brush this month then get yourself the F04 for sure, it's just so pretty, so soft and works perfectly on the face. Be sure to check out Blank Canvas Cosmetics on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. There are way more brushes than I ever imagined. It's pretty incredible that each one gives a little bit different look to the make-up. There's a lot more to being a make-up artist than I thought. I'll bet it takes years and some good instruction to be able to do make-up well. My daughter wants to be an artist one day, so it's good for her to know how much work she needs to put in.

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