#ZiajaLove Orange Butter Scrub- How has it taken me this long?


Hi Everyone,

I'm Emma and I am one of Ziaja Skincare Ireland's Brand Ambassadors. I am a genuine fan of this Polish brand and over the coming weeks I am going to talk you through some of my favourite Ziaja products and also some of their products my friends and family love also. As a brand ambassador, I have had the opportunity to try out some of the Ziaja ranges but as a true fan, I regularly buy my own products, sourcing them from the number of stockists they have throughout Ireland. If there is any product in this post you would like to try and cannot find it in a local stockist, you can purchase all of Ziaja Skincare's Irish products on www.originalbeauty.ie Ziaja has been celebrating their 25th birthday this year and we have so far visited three Irish stockists to showcase their many ranges and to introduce more people to the affordable brand. The quality of the Ziaja products are excellent and the value just leaves you more change to buy more of their products so it's a win win for any skin lover.

This is a super quick post for you all today. My week has been absolutely mental and with an event tomorrow night, I won’t get time to rejig this so bear with me, it’s late on Wednesday night and sleep is calling.

I am heading away this weekend with my bestie Elaine for her birthday. We are hitting Limerick on Saturday night and I can’t wait to have a look around Inglot on Saturday afternoon, I’m sure I owe myself something new ;)

Anyway this week has been all about prepping my skin for tan. I wear  lot of tan and mostly take my prep seriously but it’s always different when you actually plan to show off some skin.  At the weekend I plan to wear a black playsuit which I saw on Faces by Grace one time and bought it online. I liked the look of it and while it’s not my ‘perfect’ black playsuit I am really looking forward to wearing it. It’s been a while since I had such a glam night out so it should be excellent. This is why tanning is all the more important.

I have been scrubbing and moisturising my skin as best I can the last few days. I am getting every scrap of tan off my skin, I am making sure all dead skin is away and then lashing on the good stuff so I can have an even glowing tan for the weekend. I am still undecided on which tan I will be using so that’ll be a last minute decision.

The reason for the post…If I ever get to it is this!!!! The Ziaja Orange Butter Shower Scrub with microgranules.  It’s an absolutely amazing product that I have only recently started using. I am a real scrub lover and up until now the ‘No More Dramas’ was all I used to really get my tan off or to get my skin ready for tanning. This little beauty is amazing. I have a usual routine I’ll soak in the bath a little bit and then get to work scrubbing with a glove to really work product into my skin and get it all nice and clean.

We all know I’m a Ziaja lover but this is a huge love of mine now. It retails at €7.99 for a big tub a 200ml that’ll last ages. I only literally tap my finger into the pot, take up the product and it spreads so easily.  It is suitable for all skin types and the Ziaja blurb say “Delicately cleanses and massages the skin. Gently peels off dead epidermal cells. Enhances blood circulation and oxygenates skin cells. Restores natural smoothness and softness to the skin. Contains orange butter, coco-glucoside and Vit. E.”

Well I am showing some serious #ZiajaLove for this bad boy….Welcome to my collection!!!

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