True Skin Lash Extensions Dublin- My experience of Semi-Permanent Lashes


Hey Everyone,

How are we all today?
I am in wonderful form, Christmas is coming closer, I've started my shopping and my apartment is lovely and cosy as I sit and write out this blog post.

So today I am talking to you about lash extensions from True Skin Lash Extensions Dublin. I went to visit Louise last week to get a full set of lashes. Louise is an old friend from home in Waterford, it was so lovely to catch up with her and she has very kindly linked in with my blog to give away a set of lashes to one lucky reader so be sure to head over to my Facebook page Mastering Your Makeup for your chance to enter.

Lovely Louise

For this post, Louise has broken down some of the much asked questions in relation to Lash Extensions so let's take a look...

What are lash extensions 

Lash extensions are artificial lashes that are adhered to your own natural lash. Lash extensions are completely safe, and if applied correctly by a trained technician, will cause no damage to your natural lash. The lash extensions are applied with medical grade glue to each of your natural lashes. During the application of your lashes I apply between 80-100 lashes to your natural lashes, takes approximately an hour and a half to two hours to apply your lash extensions. Most of my clients find the time flies by!

Lash extensions will last up to 4 weeks. I do recommend that you have your lashes infills at about 2-3 weeks. This is because you naturally loose 2-3 lashes per day, so in 2-3 weeks you will find that you have some gaps in your natural lashes. We infill your lashes to keep them full and beautiful.

There is no need to take a break from your semi permanent lashes, as long as they are applied correctly you can safely wear your lash extensions for as long as you wish.

Lash extensions can be as natural yo as dramatic as you wish, I work with the natural lash to enhance it appropriately. I will discuss the options of lashes and styles with each client at their consultation. Together we find a style which will work best for you.

False Lashes vs Semi Permanent Lashes 

False lashes, are single wear lashes that you would apply yourself at home, they can be applied in a strip, or individual clusters. These lashes are applied directly on top of your lashes and are intended for occasional wear, these lashes use a light lash friendly adhesive, but are not intended for long term wear. This is due to the fact that the cluster or strip lashes are applied across a number of lashes and will not allow your lashes to shed naturally. This would not be a good alternative for long term wear. 

Individual lashes are applied individually to each lash, the lash is first isolated and the lash extension is then properly and safely adhered to the natural lash, this is done to as many lashes as possible. The adhesive used would be more hard wearing and will attach to the lash, and will last long enough to grow out with your lashes. As the lashes are applied to each lash, your natural lash with the attached lash will grow out without causing any damage to your natural lash.

The cluster lashes are not to be confused with volume lashes. Volume lashes are applied the same way as classic lash extensions, the lash is isolated and a fan which is hand made by the lash technician is applied to this lash. The cluster lashes are applied across the lashes without isolation and therefore unsuitable for long term wear.

The strip and cluster lashes are great alternatives if you do not wish to wear lashes long term. Semi permanent lashes would be a better solution to those clients who would apply strip lashes or cluster lashes a few times per month. They also look more natural and will not damage your lashes.  If you can't get the hang of applying these strip lashes or cluster lashes you can attend a technician for party lashes, these lashes can be worn for two weeks, they are a great alternative for clients who wear strip lashes a lot, but do not want lash extensions.

Which Lash Style is Best for Me

Are you a mascara loving addict, or are you a little is enough kind of girl! Rest assured there is a look for you! There are so many different types and curls and lengths and diameters of lashes. Your lash technician will carefully examine your lashes, and they will ascertain which is the safest lash for you to ensure the safety of your natural lashes.

When the diameter is chosen, you can request extra long, short, full or very natural. Depending on your personal choice you can really control what look you go for.

Generally if you usually just wear a small coat or mascara and light make up, I generally advise on a short length with a little thickness 

If you like lots of mascara, then I recommend a little thicker in diameter and long and fluttery lashes 

If you like an extra layer of mascara on top of lots of mascara or are a wearer of fibre mascara, I generally advise ellipse lashes in a long length.

It's important to remember that your lash technician will only do what is safe and suitable for your natural lash. And you will achieve a longer and slightly duller result at the end. If your nature lashes are very short and have gaps, please remember that you will achieve a better look than what you have naturally, but we can only work with that you have naturally! I will always advise and manage your expectations. I will guide you through the process from beginning to end and ensue your lashes last as long as possible.

Types of lashes available

When you first look into lash extensions, there appears to be so many to choose from. The most common lash extension styles are
•classic lashes 
• volume lashes 

Classic lashes

Classic lashes are the lashes they I specialise in, these are a single lash extension applied to each individual natural lash. They are the most natural lashes available, but can be made dramatic too. Classic lashes are the most popular lashes at the moment

Volume lashes

Volume lashes are made by hour technician throughout your appointment, the technician will make a fan of artificial lashes either 2,3,4,5 up to 6 lashes and these fans are attached to each of your individual lashes. These are very dramatic, they are also a good option  for clients who have gaps in their natural lashes, or have spaces present.

The type of lash extension you decide upon would be based on the type of look you want. Classic lashes will give s longer and fuller look. They are elegant and can be as dramatic as you wish. Should you require volume lashes, I would be happy to recommend a technician for you. I do advise when you first have lash extensions, it is a good idea to go for classics.

Please feel free to contact Louise on 0833377263 for information on which type of lashes would belt suitable for you! You will also need a patch test so we can arrange that before your appointment. 

Beautiful studio room

So there you have it...Loads of info from Louise which I really hope will help you consider getting these lashes. I didn't feel I knew a lot about lashes before getting them done but from speaking to Louise in the lead up to the appointment I was confident I'd like them. I now have them on 4 days, I feel they are lasting really well, I'm being very gentle, I don't have to use mascara, no false lashes and no oil cleanser. I'm not struggling with the lashes at all, I haven't seen many fall out which again is a great thing. So I'm sure you wanna see a before and after???

My before lashes all set and ready to go

My after lashes big and bold

Here are my lashes with makeup last Friday

I really love my lash extensions more than I thought I would if I'm honest, they are so lightweight, I don't feel I am missing out not wearing my mascara as my lashes look so full and so natural now. I think with the festive season coming up it would be a lovely treat for someone who loves their lashes. For me, I think I might miss my mad strip lashes for nights out but we shall see, I still have another week or so to decide before I'll need to get them filled in. I am getting so many lovely comments on my lashes and people saying I look really bright and awake so I hate to think what I look like now without them haha! Thanks so much to Louise for having me over, be sure to check out her Facebook page linked above and do enter the comp for your chance to win a full set. 

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