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Happy Wednesday Folks!

Today we are going to look at a new(ish) product to the market which has been reviewed left right and centre. I actually have these products ages but just hadn't tried them so I have included the press release info and my own opinion on the new CB Instant Tan Bronzing Gels. I'd love to know you opinions on them if you've tried them.

So here we go....

Press Release Blurb:

As you all know, the BEST­SELLING Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter​tanning range has just added two new Instant Tan Bronzing Gels ​to their already extensive tanning range. The highly anticipated Bronzing Gels have been released in both matte and shimmer variants and became available in Cocoa Brown ​stockists from the end of September 2015. Like all Cocoa Brown tanning products, the new Instant Tan Bronzing Gels are non­comodengenic meaning they are safe to be used on your face. As always, the Bronzing Gels are scented with the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia scent ­ no fake tan pong! What makes the NEW Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Instant Tan Bronzing Gels​ a must­have beauty buy for Autumn 2015?

Instant / Wash off : ​Great for last minute tanning for special occasions. Rinses off in the shower.
No fake tan pong ​: Beautifully scented with Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia signature scent.
Two variants :​Available in ‘Shimmer’ with light reflecting minerals & ‘Matte’ for that signature
bronzed, Cocoa Brown glow.
Lightweight gel formula :​Easy, non­sticky application & results will last longer than bronzing
Dries instantly :​Apply and get dressed within minutes before heading out!
Facial tanning :​Can be layered over your makeup to contour/highlight or used as a foundation
replacement for an easy, everyday glow.

So I’ve had these two instant tans in my drawers for weeks now. I wasn’t exactly sure when I’d get to use then as like a lot of people I was once a worshipper of the Rimmel Instant tans on nights out and I can clearly remember at 18 running from the car to the door of the nightclub and being destroyed in rain drops ruining my tan. I am always weary of instant tans but last weekend while on a girly weekend away in Limerick I decided to really put them to the test. I used both products, I decided to add some shimmer to my legs and matte to my top half while I was wearing a small black playsuit.
I have to say, although I wouldn’t use instant tan that often, these really are a welcome addition to my collection. Now be warned, when it says shimmer, it means shimmer! That is perfect for me, I really liked the shimmer on my legs but I did get some of my arms and I was starting to feel a little like a disco ball so for me the shimmer will only be used on my legs. I also have to say that I applied these instant tans over another tan I already had applied and rinsed off so I cannot say for sure what the result would be like on my paley pale skin. I can however say that a coat of Laurens way in dark goes well with the new Cocoa Brown products.

There I am in the black playsuit with the matte on top and shimmer on the legs

All in all for €6.99 I would really suggest you buy the shimmer for all the festive nights out you might have coming up to add that extra sparkle to your outfit. I will be using this now on more nights out for sure and I think it’s something I’d like to have on tap so to speak even when Christmas has past as I feel if you’re gonna get the legs out, they may as well be looking awesome!
In the press release a good few weeks back it also included some of owner Marissa Carter’s top tip so check them out and please do let me know if you have tried any!

Marissa’s Top Tips for applying Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels :

● Use a Cocoa Brown Double Sided Deluxe Pink Velvet Tanning Mitt​to apply. Dispense a large
coin­sized amount of the Bronzing Gel on the mitt and use soft, circular motions to buff the tan on
your skin
● Use the ‘Shimmer’ Bronzing Gel​​to highlight. Apply on cheekbones, down the front of your legs
and on your shoulders for an instant radiant complexion.
● Add a dash of the ‘Matte’ Bronzing Gel​to your foundation for a bronzed makeup look.
● Use a contouring makeup brush to apply the Instant Bronzing Gel to contour your face over or
instead of makeup.

I think for me I’d deffo like to add the shimmer to my collarbone, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to use it on my cheekbones just yet but I also love the idea of bronzing up your foundation so I will absolutely be giving this a go.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Instant Tan Bronzing Gels, €6.99, are available on now and in Cocoa Brown stockists such as Penneys.

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