Lancome Teint Idole Foundation- My New Skin Match


Lancôme Launches Teint Idole Ultra Wear

"To Celebrate the Foundation in 40 Beautiful Shades, Lancome have found one inspiring woman to represent each skintone including Irish Violinist & Dublin Girl Cathy O’Neill. #myshademypower #ultrawear #lancomeireland

In celebration of its 20 years – an age when anything is possible – Teint Idole Ultra Wear pursues its quest for perfection, reinventing itself once again! In 2017, a new chapter begins: iconic longwearing formula Teint Idole Ultra 24h becomes Teint Idole Ultra Wear.

With a new bottle, chicer than ever, its high coverage formula now exists in 40 shades, answering every woman’s need and making it simpler for them to replicate the most sophisticated techniques. It is easier than ever to recreate a radiant and velvety complexion – without discomfort, streaks or caking – and looks that you can customise for each moment of the day, depending on the occasion, from natural to glamorous and sweet to wild; whoever we decide to be, Teint Idole Ultra Wear has got us covered.

Thanks to a formula that will never fail, it encourages any woman to live life to the fullest. By being a best friend and ally, it allows all women to express each facette of who they are. Long lasting perfection: a secret weapon for women who thrive to enjoy each moment of life without compromising.

To celebrate the re-launch of our best-selling Ultra Wear foundation in 40 beautiful shades, Lancôme have found one inspiring woman to represent each skintone. "At Lancôme, we believe there’s never been a better time to be a woman. You can be an Olympic athlete, a neuroscientist, a DJ, a movie director…. And whatever you decide to achieve, your make-up should have you covered."

#myshademypower #ultrawear #lancomeireland

As you can quite imagine all of the above information came from a press release which was sent to me some weeks back, in fact it's months back at this stage. I then took it upon myself to head to a Lancome stand and have myself skin matched. I was actually in Wexford with my mum for a girly night away so I popped into the Sam McCauley's Chemist and was matched to my shade. You would think with so many shades now, out of the 40 one would be perfect! I was starting to feel a little disheartened when the first two didn't suit me at all but the lovely lady at the counter (who's name of course now I cannot remember) thought of another shade, one of the new shades and low and behold shade 023 was a perfect match. I left it on my whole face to see would it oxidize at all and it didn't, it remained the pale shade I needed to be able to not have to wear tan but not look sick of ghostly at the same time! I was thrilled, so when my new bottle arrived, I couldn't wait to wear it to work.

I  moved jobs recently which has led to massive changes in my life. I now rise hours earlier than before and I finish earlier in the day. My day is spent pretty much on the move for all of it, having little time to sit and there's certainly no time to fix my makeup at all so it's one application in the early hours of the day and then I pretty much take my face off the minute I get home, it's a real cleansing of the day type thing!

I can honestly 100% say I am blown away by this foundation. With my 8 hour working day and travel to and from work, I am so pleased with it. I often refer to the real test of a foundation for me being a disco ball in a few hours, I just seem to have really shiny skin but this foundation is helping with that. I always use a primer and always set my face with a translucent powder so I always know when the foundation itself is really helping me and this one is.

I think the smell is ok, I don't know why but I'm a real smell person and I always find with Lancome the smell of products is only ever alright but that's a total personal thing. The cost of €35-€38 depending where you shop is also really good. The most I ever use is two pumps to cover my entire face for work so the bottle will last you a while if you wanted to use it every day.

For me anyway this product gets a big thumbs up and seeing as my bottle is barely going down in the last few weeks of using it, it will deffo be on my Christmas list again!!

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