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Dramatically transform your skin’s health and appearance with cucumber - the ultimate skin beautifying veggie.  ziaja’s new cucumber & mint infused skincare products will help keep your complexion clear and your skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated.   Cucumbers have long been loved by beauty experts because this green veggie effectively treats many common skin problems and offers many skincare benefits.

Ziaja’s cucumber products contain pure cucumber pulp extract which has an array of benefits for your skin – it’s purifying and anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce pigmentation, improves skin tone, it’s refreshing and revitalising, soothing and cooling and has a delicious fresh cucumber scent.  Ziaja’s new products also contain mint extract for its refreshing feel and fragrance, and to help reduce oily skin, along with lactobionic acid –  an  ingredient that is buzzing in the beauty industry - as it’s a non-irritating polyhydroxy acid derived from milk sugar (gentle natural exfoliator) that helps prevent and reverse the appearance of photoaging, including lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores and roughness.

Here in this blog post you will read all of the PR information and then my own review of products I have tried. Where you see the bold italic writing you know that's me but you'll soon see that's very clear because I am in no way scientific!! Enjoy  xx

Ziaja’s New Cucumber Skincare Products:
cucumber mint micellar gel €3.99 (200ml)
A gentle ultralight micellar gel for every skin type which foams up with water to swoosh away every last molecule of grime and dirt and remove make-up.   With cucumber extract and lactobionic acid (gentle natural exfoliator) to deeply cleanse and resurface skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.  Protects the skins moisture levels and provides a feeling of minty freshness.  The mint extract diminishes oil production and reduces inflammation in the skin.  ingredients include cucumber pulp extract, lactobionic acid, mint extract and provitamin B5 (D-panthenol)

I have to say I am really loving this product. I find I am using it as a precleanse with my new Penney's face cloth. It's meant to rival the likes of the Nima Mitt and the Cleanse off Mitt but it's not in the same league. Because of the brilliant powder of the micellar gel, I don't actually need a mitt like one of those. The penney's facecloth works perfectly well because the gel is doing all the hard work for me. I do like to go back in with another cleanser but to be totally honest that's just my routine. I can sometimes wears a lot of makeup so i like to double cleanse to make sure each and every screed is off but trust me if you don't cake it on the way I can, you won't need to double up. Also one pump will more than do so you never need to waste product making the €3.99 price tag even more desirable. 

cucumber mint face cream €3.99 (50ml)  
An ultralight face cream -  the perfect solution for dry, inflamed, and irritated skin – this
cooling and calming cream provides intense hydration to the skin, while the cucumber extracts will alleviate any redness and irritation resulting from pollution, sun exposure, redness and acne.  With lactobionic acid (a natural exfoliator) to delicately brighten and improve skin tone, while the mint extract refreshes and revitalises the skin. ingredients cucumber pulp extract, lactobionic acid, mint extract, provitamin B5 (D-panthenol)

The scent of the new product is so fresh, I think this is a great time of year for Ziaja to have brought out the new face cream. Of course it's wonderful if it's meeting the needs of those with dry, inflamed or irritated skin but I also think the scent will encourage people to use it more now the days are once again getting longer and hopefully that means we will also see some more sunshine. I do use this face cream myself but I am always conscious not to change my routine too much at once with introducing a whole new range. Someone in my house who is loving the new face cream however is J. He loves how lightweight it is. I am forever asking him to take better care of his skin, he hates that greasy feeling and he is reluctant to use many of my face creams but he absolutely loves this. If you are someone who really wants something lightweight and suffer from the allocated skin types then be sure to give this a try. It gets the thumbs up in our house anyway. 

cucumber mint enzyme gel mask €0.69
A refreshing and cooling enzyme gel mask with botanical extracts of cucumber, mint and papain to instantly calm, soothe and moisturise dry irritated skin. Leaves the skin with a gentle feeling of coolness.  The gentle gel helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify dry skin with botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya and mint (is also excellent for calming and soothing irritated skin after sun exposure, peels, waxing, facials etc) and can be used under the eye area to help reduce puffiness.

I was sent two of the masks to try but I will tell you now I always keep Ziaja skin masks in my drawer. I use them all the time (mostly the nights I have my pre-tan bath) and I find then boost my face after hard days of makeup, pollution and general stress. I usually go for the cocoa butter mask but that's just purely for smell, I also use the jasmine mask even though it's for the older age range as it's so lovely afterwards but my skin literally drank this mask in. I wouldn't consider myself to have dry skin at all but my skin has really needed a boost lately, I have been terrible with my drinking water so I will be sure to pick up more of them and come on for 69c you'd be mad not to try it, it's less than a bloody packet of crisps!

cucumber mint body lotion €5.99 (200ml)   
An ultralight micro-emulsion body lotion that acts like a fresh juiced green drink for everyday body care, flooding the skin with intensive moisture to increase its hydration content while it cools, soothes and smooths.  Immediately and effectively moisturises the epidermis, reduces roughness, provides smoothness and elasticity to the skin and Soothes irritation. ingredients cucumber pulp extract, lactobionic acid, mint extract, provitamin B5 (D-panthenol).

This spray on body lotion has been a godsend to me. I always shower in the morning and it's nearly always a mad rush to be getting ready for work. I also don't like being cold so I'm forever trying to dress as quickly as I can. This body lotion spritzes on in seconds and it melts into the skin in no time at all. You can get dressed within minutes which suits someone like me who is on the go big time. I also like that when I am wearing tan,  I don't see it taking off my tan when I am trying to make it last longer by moisturising my skin. One again a few sprays and your arms and legs are covered. I was a little afraid at the start that the 200ml would run out quickly but then I realised how far a spray will go on the skin, I was able to cut back on using so much product. There is nothing worse than being happy a product is cheap but then having to use loads every time so you end up spending the same amount anyway.

Also available in the range:
cucumber cleansing milk €3.99 (200ml)
Cucumber face toner €3.99 (200ml)
cucumber cream for oily skin €4.79 (50ml)   

I hope you have found this post some way informative because as always I am a big Ziaja Skincare lover. They have such an extensive range of products that really does cater to almost every skin type there is and with such low pricing, every can afford to give it a go. If you are like me and love to tan all the time then I still highly recommend the orange scrub it works wonders at prepping  your skin for tan!!

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