Collette Griffin Masterclass in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy


Hello Lovelies,

So a couple of weeks ago I was home for a few days as some of you will have seen from my snaps. While I was at home, I saw that the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy was hosting a makeup masterclass with Collette Griffin. As some of you will know, Collette is doing my makeup for my wedding next year, I had actually asked Collette before we had even set a date as I knew the month. I cannot wait for her to do my makeup so I take every opportunity I can to see her in action… you always learn something new!

The best way for me to remember the demo I decided was to snap the entire thing and to post each picture with a description of the action and the products used. This post should really like a little picture book and of course I will add in any of the missing information.
Collette on the night was using products that you can find in the pharmacy, a very clever idea on Waterford Health Park Pharmacies part as for once you weren’t hearing about something that looks amazing but not able to buy it there and then. The shopping was manic once the event was over. Me being stony broke didn’t help at all but I’m telling you there’s a new wishlist for that pharmacy of stuff I will have over time.

The brand that Collette used mostly was The Balm, a real love affair of mine, I have the Mary Loumaniser on her own and as part of her sister set,  it’s such a fantastic highlighter. The Meet Matt Hughes of course are desired by many, I have two shades and now I have taken to adding a little gloss on them to brighten them up for the coming spring. My lip can be a little dry sometimes but I find these fantastically creamy and not as drying as other matte lippies at all. Other brands used on the night were Cailyn which we know I love my Browlux Gel in Oak, literally wear it most days and then Flormar which I have to say I really wanted to buy their new oil free foundation on the night but wasn’t sure of my shade so will need to investigate more. The lashes were from new Irish brand Rebeluna and I have two pairs of these lashes. Created by Lauren Cleare, a MUA friend of mine I am loving her products (and yes I paid for two pairs of my own lashes at the beauty show so this is not an ad, they really are just that nice) The look really was stunning on Collettte’s model, her niece Eve.

Collette is so super down to earth you could literally listen to her for hours,  I certainly could anyway and I really hope to see a lot more of her work and not just on my own face when I have events coming up. I actually have a wedding at home in a couple of months and wanted to book her, but wouldn’t know the bride has only gone and booked her so I’m thrilled to see her so busy.

The look Collette was creating on the night was a ‘Glitter Half Cut Crease’ and it was stunning so let’s take a look... I can only apologies as I spent over an hour trying to resize and rejig these pictures but to no avail to get them in the right order. As I was snapping I literally tried to include as much detail as I could.

The stunning finished look

As always I am inspired watching Collette  work, her talent is just amazing and the fact she is so down to earth each and every time I see her makes me more and more excited to have her as part of my big day. i hope you were able to pick up some of the tips and products used in this post but also be sure to check out Lyanne's post HERE from Beauty & The brunette and Sarah's post HERE from Beauty & the Masseuse. It's always a great night in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy with the girls!!

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