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Today on the blog I am going to talk to you about my recent visit out to Renaissance Clinic in Howth North Co. Dublin. I went out to get a free skin consultation of the Image Skincare brand. Image is not a new brand to me whatsoever, in fact, I have been attending launches of Image skincare products for about the last two years, I have used a good few added into my routine and then with the wedding coming up, I wanted to be sure I was using the best products for my skin.

I was booked in for 5:30pm and was delighted to learn that Renaissance is actually open until 8pm during the week to cater for clients like myself who are working. It did however take me well over an hour to drive to Howth from my place of work to make it on time but the weather was beautiful so Howth was glowing.

The clinic itself is extremely clean and warm inside. It’s welcoming and there are those wonderful salon smells you only get when you are about to be pampered. Just to say, not all facials are pampering, some like the peels are there to do a job on your face so don’t be falling into a false sense of security and then come back to me and say I was all wrong, I tell no lies I swear!!

My consultant was an absolute pro. She is 100% behind Image as a brand and as I lay there on the bed she used more words that I didn’t understand than I did but basically she was able to see each and every skin concern I had and she knew of either a product or a treatment from Image that would be able to help with it. At the end of the day she couldn’t say 100% that my skin would be absolutely perfect for my wedding but she was sure that my skin wasn’t in too bad shape to start with which was lovely to hear.

After talking through my concerns, I was then given a detailed plan of action. This was where my heart skipped a beat. The therapist wanted to start straight away with a course of peels then move onto another type of facial known as IPL and then closer to the wedding use a totally new procedure into the clinic again from image called Mezzo. (I will clarify that name) She said that by starting now that I would be into a maintaining phase for my wedding in August 2018.

As I was visiting from a blog as well as a customer point of view I did go home with some of the home care samples to help me prep my skin for further treatments not to mention to see if I liked the brand itself. I have been an avid user of Dermalogica for the last few years so it’s really important for me that if I was going to change, it would be to the best brand out there.

I left the clinic feeling slightly overwhelmed but delighted at the prospect of having improved skin for the wedding. I’m sure I’m one of millions of brides who wants to be proactive about her image at her own wedding and ensure she is at her best on the biggest day of her life. Although the treatments will be spread out there are expensive but it’s an investment to change how you feel about yourself so please do bare that in mind. When I came away from the clinic I was quite overwhelmed by the money aspect for a brand I hadn’t overly used in the past so after consulting with our wedding budget, whichever brand I choose be it Image or Dermalogica, I am not going to start for a few months yet.

If you are looking for a skin consultation and have access to Howth than I 100% would recommend you book in and visit Renaissance Clinic. I was in no way sponsored to attend there but as part of my visit and receiving some products, it was for a review purpose. I can whole heartedly say that being three weeks into the homecare products, I am already seeing my skin starting to brighten and also look less uneven.  In conjunction with proper skincare and a rigid routine I am also trying to up the fitness and take on slimming world again so I think all in all I am in a much better position to give my skin what it needs. My favourite product from my samples is the illuminating serum (which is probably where I am seeing the glow from) I use one pump in the morning under my SPF moisturiser and I am really loving it. The smell (as we all know I’m a smell person) is not the greatest for me personally but the effects are brilliant. I will continue to use the samples until they run out and if I have any more thoughts to share I will of course pass them on.

I hope this post was helpful and I have tagged both the Renaissance Clinic in Howth and Image Skincare Ireland so you can take a look at what your skin might need. Of course if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me and I look forward to really kicking my skin into gear in the next few months.

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