AYU Makeup Brushes Dublin- 5 Great Brushes For €20


Happy Sunday ladies hope you are all enjoying your weekend :)

I bought my AYU Make Up Brushes a few weeks back and have really enjoyed trying them out. I have used them with my Urban Decay Naked Palettes and also my brand new Laveesha Cosmetics Chelsea Palette which I was sent to try and let’s just say I am loving it!! I am just waiting to create one more mad look and then I will post all about my palette.

But back to the essentials, I purchased 5 new brushes, 4 for my eyes and one for my lips. I purchased the;
  • AYU Pro Blender €4.50
  • AYU Eyeshadow €3.50
  • AYU Crease €3.50
  • AYU Blender €4.50
  • AYU Lip €4.00

Just to start off I want to talk about the value of these brushes, I had seen AYU on Facebook and linked in with Suzie who explained to me they have taken their time in designing these brushes to ensure great quality for all you make up lovers with also keeping money in mind. I was really excited to get my hands on them so when I saw the post they were now available I was straight onto the site on Payday and purchased all 5 of the brushes I wanted. P&P was free for Feb so an absolute bargain at €20!!

Seeing as I am not in the make up world too long I still had a little of that worry, if something is cheap does that mean it's crap? Well I am telling you now...these are fantastic brushes and you should all buy some... FACT!!!!

We'll talk them through and then I'll show you some pics and give you links of where you too can buy these beauties...

The AYU Pro Blender:

Picture from www.ayu.ie

This brush is fab for getting the darkest colour of your smokey eye look, the outer edge, it is quite stiff yet will still blend out the darkest colour into the outer V with ease.

The AYU Eyeshadow:

Picture from www.ayu.ie

I really like this eyeshadow brush for packing colour onto my lid. I think it holds colour especially well and this was even evident with pigment colours (loose colours) You will always get fall off but not as much as I thought my happen. This is a great brush once you have all your blending done, to go back over the lid with.

The AYU Crease:

Picture from www.ayu.ie

Again this is a great 'bullet' or pencil brush. This can be used for precision darkening of the outer edge or also for getting colour under the lash line which is what I use it for. I like how it is stiff and doesn't drop colour.

The AYU Blender:

Picture from www.ayu.ie

Blending.... we hear about it all day every day at make up lessons, masterclasses, youtube and tv, you need to blend out your eyeshadow colours in order to create beautiful looks with no harsh lines. I really like this brush for blending. I have used some strong colours lately and I like how the brush was nice and gently evening out the lines I had created. If you are a little strapped for cash as we all are these days just invest in a good blender to start. 

The AYU Lip:

Picture from www.ayu.ie

I really like this lip brush. I am a big fan of great lip colours and I really like to enhance my cupids bow. I found this brush nice and stiff to help you draw your outline perfectly without being too hard on the skin. I think it's so important to line your lips and then apply lipstick using a brush first, it gives you a much better coverage and shape.

The packaging was lovely and my postage arrived within a day or two of ordering which was just brilliant. I like to buy Irish not only because it is it is local but you never have to wait for shipping. Customer service from Suzie was exceptional and even when I decided to do a #RAK Nomination on my blog I of course went back to her to purchase two more brushes for my chosen follower Lisa Kenny and she sent them straight away with a lovely note I had asked her to send from me to ensure Lisa got them as soon as possible.

You can check out AYU Make Up Brushes Dublin on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ayu.dublin.1 and you can also purchase directly from the website http://www.ayu.ie/ For anyone going to the Beauty Show next weekend I do believe AYU will be there so go check them out. As well as brushes, you can purchase eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes,concealer palettes and more brushes including a full brush set!!

Here are some looks I created using my AYU brushes...

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Emma x

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  1. I've never ever heard of these beforr but after reading this I'm definitely going to check out their website! Also the second look you created is absolutely brilliant!

    Jesimicah. blogspot.ie

    1. Heya Jessica thank you so much... I hadn't heard of them before either but so happy I did now the brushes are amazing quality for the price I was delighted :) x

  2. Can't believe I've never heard of AYU. These all look fantastic! I'm really looking to expand my makeup kit and brushes but it's so damn expensive. I have my heart set on a nice blending brush like the Mac 217 but if these are as good as you say, and for that price, I may have to place an order ;)


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    Can you please give some discounted site related to these products please let me know. Me also want to buy it....

    1. I think AYU are very good you can find them through google they are an irish company x

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