Waverley Academy Week 2!!


Oh it was like Christmas last Thursday in Waverley. I arrived in nice and early having discovered I could actually park close to the door and saw this fab big box sitting on our tutors desk.

When Tanya arrived so gave out our new kits, I am thrilled to bits with all the products!! We were given a lovely 12 piece brush set, and I have to say the quality feels fantastic so I can't wait to get working with them, also an 88 piece eye shadow kit, a 10 piece blush set and a 32 piece lip palette. We are still waiting on just a few little essentials for the kit but all in all there were 14 extremely excited young ladies sitting in my class Thursday night. all of the products are from the Coastal Scents brand and you can check them out here:


For much of Thursday class we looked at theory and I have to say I found it very interesting, we were discussing face shapes and eye shapes and for me this was a big learning curve. I thought I knew all about contouring and highlighting and creating the 'perfect' face so when we went through our own face shapes, it turns out I have a 'square' face, a square just like Simon Cowell and I was gutted! But there is light at the end of this square tunnel, I now know where I will be contouring to hide my square look haha!

There was a good time on Thursday night's discovery and that was when we looked at eye shapes, it turns out I have great eyes for make up, Big eyes which can hold styles and colour so it wasn't all bad.

I am sitting next to Kelly and this girl is great craic who happens to have a lovely perfect oval face and again great eyes for shadow so I am lucky to be working on her. That's what we got into after our theory, we had 20 mins to create either a day face or day eye look.

Tanya our tutor, had demonstrated this look on the very funny and very 'shy' Gemma. I have to say for a bunch of strangers my class are brilliant, I think we are gonna have a great time all getting through this course and a lot of that is down to our fab tutor Tanya, you can check out all her own work on Facebook on;


I found working on someone else still quite difficult but I think a lot of that was knowing there is a time pressure, we need to get used to this as for the ITEC exam we will be doing a whole cleanse and tone with skin analysis and then a day makeup application. We are going to be practicing loads so I will ask Kelly next week if she doesn't mind me using her pics on this and you too can follow our makeup journey.

I attempted a quick orange day look on Kelly's eyes and I do like the colours in our new palettes, we used Kellys as it was already open so I went in with a cream base colour, a medium orange on the lid and then a darker orange on the outer corner. Blending with the new brushes was good so that was a great test of the new babies. I also tried the liner brush and gel liner and the demon is back, just couldn't get the hang of it so will be practicing that loads before my exam. It seems to be the problem for most newbies so I won't panic just yet. I'll be sitting in front of the mirror getting my application right over the next few months.

I think this whole college experience is going to be excellent. I really feel at home and comfortable in the college, it's a family run business and you can see that the management and tutors want to see their students succeed so you cant ask for better really.

As the weeks go on, I will definitely post more in depth content into the course work but if there is anything specifically you would like to know on a weekly basis please feel free to email me on the Facebook page or mail me directly at emmajosephinesheehan@gmail.com

Emma x

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  1. Coastal scents really have some good products at an affordable price. I got a brush kit off their site some years ago, and the eyeshadow brushes were up until recently some of my most used ones. Looking forward to hear more on the courses :)

    1. Oh that's great news I'm really delighted with them they all feel so soft so it should be great using them x