Festival fever, keep the face on!


So you have decided to hit one of the hottest festivals this summer and with this beautiful weather arriving in Ireland, do you need help thinking how to manage that mug of yours all over the weekend?

We all know the key to any great festival look, is to look as clean and fresh even when you've had no sleep or a decent meal in hours, so how do you achieve this using a hand held mirror and limited products?

Here is my guide to makeup festival style.....

So first things first.... Foundation! If this heatwave happens which we all hope it will, you want to keep a soft dewy look on your face, no need for the cement mixer look while wandering around a field, not only will it wear off pretty badly and you'll look all patchy, but it's very hard to maintain it more than a few hours so for me, I would choose:

I like these foundations, because they will last and give you a lovely dewy finish. You will have a flawless complexion, you can also get away with using a beauty blender sponge for the weekend so it saves the hassle of bringing loads of brushes!

I would also strongly recommend wearing SPF every day on your face. A fantastic product I recently reviewed was the Glo Minerals SPF tint, it contains SPF 30 which we should all wear every day, while giving a lovely colour and if you want it a little stronger, you can add a mineral foundation over it which is great for the hot weather because it's breathable and healthy for the skin. I top up my tint with my Bare Minerals foundation powder or you can use the Glo Minerals pressed base which has a fantastic range of colours.

Due to the time of year and this good weather, it's also essential to pack lightly with the makeup so here are my follow on essentials from foundation....

Setting Powder- to keep the summer shine at bay. Lash it into the handbag and using a small 'clean as it can be' sponge, dab your face throughout the day to keep shine away and keep your makeup set.

Shimmer Brick- this will work as both your highlighter and bronzer to keep you sunkissed. This can be brushed all over the face of if you fancy attempting to contour like Kim K in a field, I love the Sleek contour palette.

White Eyeliner- this is amazing for opening the eyes, reviving anyone who hasn't had a full nights sleep so invest in a little light into your life. This may seem alien to many of you but with the weather set to stay over the weekend, you may be suffering from hay fever so avoiding the panda eye look. A black cat eye will look amazing but as I said bear in mind, the longevity of your makeup and what products you have for cleaning in the evenings, adding a blue or orange liner can also really enhance a look and this could be your chance to try something new as shadows can be very difficult to work with, cramped in a tent with a small mirror and limited brushes!

Waterproof Mascara- Keep it topped up and just in case it rains (which we hope not) it wont look like you're in a dodgy horror film.

Lipstick- I am not a huge fan of lipgloss so pick a nice peach or coral toned lip to finish your look and top up as you need to for all the selfies and Snapchats. Also if there is anything to jazz up a festival look, get bold with your lippy and add a matte red, hot pink or purple!

Festivals are tough work for us ladies so be smart and keep it easy for yourself. Adding higlighter to the top of the cheekbones, really freshens up the face. Spritz your finished look with mineral water sprays such as these, they help to revive the skin, again sticking with keeping you feeling fresh and looking your best! A must have for any outdoor weekend and great that they start at only €4 for this small bottle.

As we all know makeup is about personal style and if you are willing to pack lots of products and brushes, more power to you, for those ladies wanting the quick and easy approach to festival fabulousness, think bronzed, fresh and bright!!

Have a fantastic time and if you have any questions on products please feel free to contact me at @emmajcsheehan and on Facebook HERE

Emma x

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