Aussie Blog Awards Shortlist- Vote me in the Reader's Choice Awards!!!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek so exciting!!

Sitting at home last night, minding my own business with a cup of tea and a crunchie and I get a congrats mail from a fab blogger Sinead to tell me I am shortlisted for the reader's choice awards in the Aussie Blog Awards.

My blog is only 7 months old and this for me is a fantastic achievment, I am truly so happy to even be within a shot of this award so I would love if you could take a min to click the link below and vote...

"Emma Sheehan Blog" 

to win this award!! I really hope to attend the event and I am so pleased to see so many of the other amazing bloggers I have met since starting to write are also nominated.

Please please vote for me!!

Emma x

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