My Exam at Waverley Academy... Check out how it went!


So last week was all a bit of a blur!

It’s amazing, I haven't sat a proper exam in years, seeing as I left college in 2008, it’s easy to see why sitting down and studying notes may not be my forte anymore!

My time at Waverley Academy has come to an end…. Well for this course anyway!!
I don't know where to start with my thank you and I want it to be perfect so I think for this post I’ll stick to the exam facts for all of you considering a career in Makeup.
Our theory exam was Monday the 16th @ 10am. We had prepared as much as we could in class and one of the things I loved about Waverley is how they have a student log in, with online test questions so you are well used to what type of question may come up and they even time you to be sure you are allowing yourself enough time to get them all done.
We had one hour to answer 50 multiple choice questions; I had practiced these questions throughout my time at Waverley but had really studied hard over the days before the exam so I felt good going in.

To our and the college’s amazement, on the day of the exam ITEC decided to change from completing the exam in pencil to black pen, of course none of us had pens with us so thank god for Joan, she had them at the ready. It made me slightly nervous, I’m a great believer in signs and stuff so this freaked me out, as did the 1st question… I had never in my life looked at eye diseases in my time at college and many of the class felt the same.
I stayed for 40 mins in the exam checking over and over again that I was happy with my answers so all going well I should have passed but I am not sure if my nerves got the better of me for some of the answers. You think sometimes answers should be common sense but then there’s ITEC sense!

Onto the practical…. I arrived with my model (my mate Karen) to the college around 12:25pm on Thursday, I was due to start my exam at 1pm. It was so calming to be allowed into the room, set up my station, prepare Karen on the bed, have all my paperwork checked out and I was in full uniform and flying form. I really wanted to do well in the practical and I felt that because Monday may not have gone as well that I wanted to boost my marks with the practical.

I had lost a few small silly marks in the mock exam so I was determined not to make them twice. Our examiner Bronagh was just lovely. Her tone was great, very calming and reassuring, it didn't feel like we were being tested to fail but almost tested to pass and do great so that really helped the mood.

The cleanse and tone and skin analysis takes 10 minutes and unlike my mock, I completed this in the time and answered my skin question well (I think) They day makeup application takes 20 mins, again I got the look completed and answered my question but my god was I nervous. I decided against gel eyeliner for the look and went with pencil but I was so nervous, I could feel my hand actually shaking trying to put it on Karen’s lash line. Karen also has really long lashes so after applying the mascara, her lashes touched off the shadow and I nearly died waiting for the examiner to turn her back so I could attempt to take it off.

I’d say if you have a hard examiner, you wouldn't be able to fix anything but as I said Bronagh was very good so I was really happy with the end result. As always when my nerves kick in, I didn't take any pictures of Karen I think I was still shaking leaving and needed some sugar badly!

I think we have to wait between 6-8 weeks for our results which absolutely sucks! I can't wait to get my cert and then to decide whether to go freelance or not, it’s a very exciting time for me and for the blog and I promise to be back on track. I think it’s just been a mental time for me and I have let things slip but from talking to Bloggers this can happen when blogging isn't your full time job.

I hope to have great results coming for you in the near future so wish me luck!!

Emma x

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