Powder Pocket May Box- Have you signed up?


So these subscription boxes... I dunno ladies I feel more stressed about waiting to see what is in them and wondering am I signed up to the right one than using what I get in them...

Apologies that's a little abrupt but every few weeks on the blog's facebook newsfeed it's inundated with posts from fellow bloggers who have signed up to subscription boxes and it's a case of was it good enough or not for our standards?!

Well today I am here to talk about the May Powder Pocket box! I signed up when the company had given a great discount of 20% off subscription so I thought... why not! They had very kindly sent me a box having met some of the staff at the Beauty Show in March and I was really pleased with that box so I thought yeah ok let's give this a go :)

First off Powder Pocket have nailed their packaging!! So cute, they had the theme of 'sweet treats' and the colours and wrapping are every present givers dream. I am a big fan of gift bags, ribbons, packaging so because it was presented so well I was already delighted!

Next was onto the info book, again this is a booklet which contains loads of info about the products you are receiving in your box but in the May box booklet there is a little surprise for me.... I am in the booklet!!!! Yep my head and twitter handle was part of their 'Tweet Like Candy' section of the booklet and I was delighted!My tweet was about the first box I had received and I was thrilled to see myself featured (I have no shame, total vain head right here, poser central!)

So back to business of what was contained in the box... It's like Christmas morning when you've asked Santa for a surprise and there's just this wrapped something in front of you and the excitement almost makes you not want to open it haha!! In the May box we received:

Nimue- Exfoliating Enzyme
So this exfoliant is a non abrasive gel base for youth looking skin. It is non-irritating so I am really hopeful it will do wonders for my skin. This was a sample size in our box and retails at €49.99 for a 60ml bottle.

Hollywood Eye Magic- Eye Magic Serum
We got a tiny tube of this product in our box, but you use so little that this sample will actually last you. This is made in Canada and can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduce eye bags and diminishes the look of dark circles. Doesn't this just sound amazing? So very excited for this!! The full size price of this product is €75 for a 15ml bottle which will give you  approx 300 applications.

Kinvara Skincare- Absolute Cleansing Oil
As we all know, I have become obsessed with my skin so another product which claims to help my skin is right up my street. Again for a sample size, you will get loads out of this product as you only need to use one pump onto damp skin. This oil is said to gobble up makeup and even mascara so I am delighted with this!! It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. The full size of this product is €19.95 for 100ml.

Great Lengths- Daily Moisture Shampoo
I was really excited to get this product. Anyone that follows the blog will know that recently I have attempted to go blonde, it was a disaster and now my hair has had to loose 3 inches, it's dry and making me very unhappy. Don't worry I'm leaving it like this I am just waiting until next week so get my chocolate brown head back and I shall be happy. I have used all of this shampoo and although I didn't see any major results, it smells lovely and I would presume with extended use, it will have a really positive effect on your hair.
The full size RRP for this product in 250ml is €17.99

Ciate- Mini Nail Polish
I love my new little nail varnish. I have been getting Gelish nails on my fingers for the last year so it's rare I ever wear 'normal' nail varnish, but my toes love some colour. I also had my college exams where I had to take off my nail polish so I tested out my little Ciate polish and it's really nice. I love how summery the colour is, right up my street!
The full size RRP for this product is €10.95

*Ooh and a lovely little packet of LoveHeart Sweets*

All in all with this box, I loved the packaging, I was over the moon to see myself featured but I wasn't hugely overjoyed with the box. I think these boxes will target certain people each month, as a beauty box and I a makeup lover, I can't have it my way all the time (however much I'd love makeup each time) I like how this box contained skin, hair and nails products but I really hope now that I have signed up the next box will contain more makeup products!

As this post is going out so late I should have the June box really soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Emma x

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