My time at Waverley Academy- Case Studies done!!!


Hey All,

So I have been writing weekly for I think the last 12 weeks about my time spent in Waverley Academy. For me personally it has been amazing, I feel taking part in the ITEC Makeup Course has been my best decision yet for the blog and for myself and I'm sad to say we are coming to the end of the line soon :(

Last week in class it was time to finish our case study booklets. So for ITEC, you need to have a display book with 5 makeup looks in it along with the relevant information sheet. I created a day look, an evening look, a bridal look, a special occasion look and then another evening look.

The paperwork for case studies is not that difficult, you need to follow the ITEC procedure on creating looks and they can all be fairly similar. I found that once you got one right you just added the other elements of the looks to the sheets. It can be time consuming but nothing is as time consuming as doing the looks.

When I was creating all my looks, I was so conscious to have them as good as possible, I am still quite slow at makeup but I figure in time this will help me to ensure that all my client receive a high standard of care and detail taken on them.

We are handing in the display books this week and I am pretty happy with the overall presentation of them. We have having our last class this thursday so hoping to pick up a few extra tips and tricks from Tanya before we leave!

Here are some snaps of my case studies....

If you have any question on Waverley please mail me at or check out the Waverley site itself the link is HERE

Emma x

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