Chic Treat October Box Revealed and Reviewed!


Evening All,

So as many of you know, my laptop was MIA last week so I haven't had the chance to talk you through this months Chic Treat Club October Box. Many of you who read the blog will know that my views on the boxes have been mixed over the last few months with an epic July box followed by an only alright August and September box so for me the October box was going to be the make or break of my relationship with Chic Treat Club. I just kept asking myself, with €16.95 in my hand each month and all the amazing offers local pharmacies and department stores do, could I come out with products I like much more than what my boxes were offering and technically it would be a surprise if I made myself buy on the day! So was the October box the saving grace I hoped for.... Yes it was!! Yay for Chic Treat, the minute I got home from work I still had no laptop but sent a little late night tweet to say good for you Chic Treat I was a happy blogger!! I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who have loved each and every box but I really feel it's just best to be honest and for me some products just weren't to my taste. So onto this month...

October as we all know is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am quite sure many of my readers, fellow bloggers and for sure my friends and family have been touched by cancer in their own lives, I for one lost my Godmother/My Gran Aunt to Breast Cancer ten years ago this year so I was very happy to see €2 of my box go to the Tricia McCarthy Memorial Scholarship in conjunction with NBCRI.

Here are the goodies we received...

First up for me was the Yon-Ka Invigorating Dry Mist Skin Toner. To me this smells beautiful, I have been testing it out and I love how it feels on my skin. We received a Yon-Ka candle and two mini face products in the July box and I absolutely loved them so very happy to see this brand featured again.

Next up is the NYX Powder Blush in the shade ? This is brilliant for me, I recently posted as I heading home I was yet to have any NYX products and I managed to pick up the new Wow pencil and the Jumbo pencil is Milk. I also happened to find a brown eye shadow suitable for my brows so I got that two but no blush in my collection at the moment until this little bad boy arrived. The colour is just what I love, I have been wearing it loads and it will deffo remain in my makeup bag for time to come. I was so happy with this product, I think save to say receiving a NYX product not yet available in Ireland was a real Chic Treat!!

WetnWild lipstick.... it's like Chic Treat club thought, how could we get Emma to love us again and bam land in a budget lippy I have been raving about for ages, Ladies if you haven't picked up one of the many stunning WetnWild lippies at only €2.99 each.... DO IT!!! I don't care what spend ban you might be on, I now have at least 7 of these lipsticks and they'll rival any MAC on a night out. You'll wont be lost if it doesn't make it home with you because for €2.99 you'll deffo get out and buy another one. This month's shade was Think Pink, which I have been wearing and love, in fact I now have two! :)

The second last product in the box this month, I can safely say is still in the box. Feet are not my thing at all but in saying that I think I will deffo give this Purederm Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask on a pamper night in the near future. I am a little undecided on these types of products in a monthly box, they tend to be inexpensive so even if it were a sample size of a more luxury brand, I think I would be happier to try it as these have been seen for only €1.50 but then again I can see why it's a pamper product if you love your feet more than me!

Last but certainly not least in this box was one of two Roger & Gallet Body Sorbet products. I received the Yellow bottle/ Orange scented product and unlike my blogging bestie Miss Ruby Laine who has an aversion to oranges, I find the scent quite nice and this will be the perfect travel body lotion for me. Into the weekend bag drawer now and I shall give it a go soon.

Overall I think it's clear I am much happier with this months box more so than August and loads more than September, I said in my last post that I understood the hard work and commitment it takes to source products for these boxes and that not every month will be perfect but personally I am very happy with this box and I am thinking for now I will stick on with Chic Treat Club but we shall see how the finances are looking at the end of the month haha!

Ooh and a fabulous side note I was featured in the monthly Chic Muse... there was a shout out on Twitter and Facebook what our favourite beauty product was and why so of course I felt the need to stick my oar in so there ya are I made the mag woohoo!!

Yep yep that's me totally famous now ;)

Hope you enjoyed this overview of the October special Pink themed box and if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them so please do get in touch!!

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