Monday Makeup Challenge... Festive Silver!!


Another Monday, another makeup look but this week we are starting to get festive!

The first thing I'd like to point out about this look is how annoyed I am at my camera, the bloody thing just would not catch the glitter on my eyes the same way the blue glitter sparkled.

So for today’s post I am going to talk about how I created this look as well as what I used. I wanted to keep my silver look a little simpler as I knew I was wearing glitter and that in itself can be very difficult.

One thing I'd like to point out that I made the mistake of doing was, I put on my foundation and pretty much completed my face before I started on my eyes and this was a ridiculous idea considering I was using glitter so take note ladies, do your eyes first.

I started with applying the Urban Decay Potion Primer onto my lid and followed up with a sparkly pink shadow from my New York Urban Decay palette and then a silver colour. I applied my pink into the crease using an E25 Blank Canvas blending brush. I applied the silver on with an E24 shadow brush from Blank Canvas. I am going to write a brush guide for Christmas ideas tomorrow so you can learn all about the Blank Canvas brushes I recommend for Christmas. I know Elaine has recently written on this on her blog so it'll be interesting to see if we match in our views… I’m sure we will :)

My silver shadow just wasn't working for me so I went back in with the E24 brush and added a silver MAC shadow I have had for ages, this is much darker almost a grey but it went onto my lid much easier. My glitter was of course my favourite part. I used a little sparkle pot I had bought in Inglot last Christmas and mixing it with a little duraline I added this to my lid, patting it on with another flat brush this time from Nima. The brush is slightly wider so it covered my lid and I just kept applying until I was happy I had turned into a disco ball!! I added a cranberry toned shadow to my under eye and a small amount to the outer corner so it wasn’t just all silver. I didn’t want this to look too dramatic but once it was on I knew I wanted a dark lip and this is MAC’s cyber.

To keep with my usual look, I added some eylure volume lashes and then the no.77 inglot gel liner. It’s so dark and lovely when you get it right but an absolute nightmare if you get it wrong. I have a little brush which helps me with the flick at the end of my eye but I can’t find it at the minute so my flicks have been terrible!!

So much glitter had fallen all over my face I was raging!! But I was happy enough with the look just wish the camera took the glitter better. I think this look is really quick and easy (if you have a naked face) and you can look so festive without needing 4-5 colours on your eyes. I hope you like the look and of course any questions please let me know.

Elaine’s look is deadly! I think they extra little details just make this look crazy cool and something I would love at this time of year. Fair play to her for being so brave.  It’s amazing this girl’s talent and I get so excited when my phone goes off with her latest pictures. She hasn't been well lately and still after being so sick she creates flawless makeup and just looks brilliant!

If there’s any festive looks you’d like to see be sure to give us a shout and hope you are all getting ready for the best time of year…. One month today and it’s Christmas Eve YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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