My Guide to buying Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes this Christmas!


Good morning ladies…

This morning on the blog I want to talk to you about Blank Canvas Cosmetics and their amazing brush range. Now that Christmas is really creeping up on us, I have had a couple of calls and mails about what brushes I would suggest from this brand as it seems to be my ‘go to’ brand… well it is! I am very lucky to have built up a huge collection of the brushes over the last 12 months and I am delighted to support a wonderful Irish company. They can be found at

Not only does Blank Canvas have an amazing range of brushes but they also stock eyeshadow palettes, contour palettes and eyeliners. I have both of the eye liners and I also have the contour palette. As this is a brush post I won't on them here but I love my contour palette as do my two younger sisters so it is well worth a buy so all your products are in one place.

For anyone that follows our Monday Makeup Rainbow Challenge, Ruby Laine and I are huge fans of the brand, we use similar brushes each weeks and we like to showcase how well they work with different looks. Like many bloggers, we are all trying to help you with wishlist ideas this Christmas so Elaine actually wrote a piece recently in her Stocking Fillers series on Blank Canvas Brushes so I've added it HERE

So onto the brushes… the majority of interest I have had has been in a starter set, a couple of wonderful mums getting in touch as their daughters have been looking at asking Santa for brushes for Christmas so they want to help the big guy out with choosing which ones to give!

For any foundation lover I would start with the F20 foundation brush and personally one of my favourite brushes as it comes in PINK! Yep that’s right, what better gift to start your girly Christmas with than a pink brush! I have two in my collection at the minute and there’s also the travel F20 brush which also comes in pink so that comes everywhere with me!


These retail at €13.99 each

Next up then I would recommend a concealer brush and this would be the F17 Camouflage Brush. Very easy to use, you can work it up under your brow and onto blemishes with no hassle at all. I really like this brush and it is always used straight after my foundation.

This retails at €6.99

Powder brushes are very important, if like you me you have any oil on your skin, you hate the thought of becoming a disco ball as the day wears on. A good powder product and powder brush is a must have so if you are only going to buy a few brushes as a present, please do purchase a powder brush. My current fave from BCC is the F25 Large Powder/Bronzer brush. It is so super soft and holds product really well.

This retails at €13.99

The cheeks have become such an important feature of makeup lately (maybe it's just me getting into makeup) but a few years ago, if you had a blusher brush you were doing well where as now they steps seems to be Contour, Blush & Highlight after you powder your face. People of course have different face shapes so not everyone needs to hollow out their cheekbones or make their forehead appear more narrow (that's me... I've a square head) but some of us do so here are my top 3 brushes for the KimK wannabes out there!

 F15(red) €13.99 Contour  Brush F14 (round) €13.99 Blusher Brush  F28 €7.99 Highlighter Brush

I really like these three brushes as the F15 is quite soft so most people will be able to get the hang of contouring their own face and because it's so soft you only need a little product to practice with. I think the harder the brush and the heavier the hand, it can make it very difficult to practice your contouring if you are using too much. The F14 is a small blush brush so again use a light hand and a little product and you can build the colour the way you want it. The F28 is like a big eye shadow brush but I absolutely love it for highlighter especially now at Christmas when I want to look very sparkly, this brush is perfect!!

Next up is brushes for the eyes. One amazing feature of the BC range is not only do they have single eye brushes but they also make double ended brushes, which not only saves you a couple of euro but makes it very handy to lash them into your on the go makeup bag. So which brushes do I recommend? Well if you have read any of the Makeup Monday posts or even my own Tuesday brush series I was running, these three numbers have been staring you in the face, the E24 E25 & E26! I have at least two of each of these and I also have the double ended E25/E26 I just think these three brushes are fantastic!!! The E24 is a flat brush, perfect for applying colour onto your lid, packing it on easily. The E25 is the black blending brush really soft and works into the crease and the E26 is the white blending brush which is slightly harder but this is so you can add colour to the crease and make any eye look stunning.

The E24 Flat Brush retails at €6.99

The E26 & E25 retails at €6.99 each

The Double Ended E25/E26 retails at €10.99

There are so many amazing brushes in the Blank Canvas range and I know I could literally write for days on all the things I love about each one but I wanted to keep this post nice and simple for anyone looking for tips on what to buy this Christmas. I have to say, the owner of the company Una is wonderful to deal with, all her team are extremely helpful so if you have any questions you want to ask me about the brushes please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page HERE if there is anything I cannot answer I will be sure to get in touch with Una. When you buy from Blank Canvas Cosmetics as Elaine mentioned in her post, your brushes arrive all gift wrapped with Blank Canvas wrapping and a cute little bow so even that saves you some time. I really love this range and look forward to putting a few newbies on my wishlist this Christmas, for my followers you'll all know my brows are my babies so my next want is the E38 Brow Finisher and the F30 double ended brow and spoolie brush so keep an eye out on the blog so them.

I really hope you find this post helpful on Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes and all pictures in today's post are from the BCC website.

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