Monday Rainbow Challenge- Gold!!


Happy Monday Ladies!

Well I hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was a big one, it marked my 1st year living in Dublin. I was asked on Saturday if I had any regrets on my move to Dublin and I said no, not one, and it’s true. Although I miss home a lot at times (your own bed and your best friends) I am so happy I took the chance and made the move, if I hadn't, there’s no way I'd be sitting here writing to you guys as the blog would never have happened!

So where are we with our challenge? Well if you have been following on the Monday’s you'll know myself and Elaine from RubyLaineMakeup have taken on lots of colours and now we are back with a gold look.

Gold is something I think blue eyed people like me go for a lot, I know when I started to take an interest in makeup, gold was a go to colour for me, I had heard gold, cream and brown looked good on blue eyes so it’s all I ever went for with my looks.

For my look I used a number of products you can see pictured here. 

I wanted to make it a fancy gold look suitable for a night out but I'm afraid it didn't work out exactly as I had planned. I had a pigment I thought would brighten the look up a lot with and then I also had quite a glittery shadow from one of my Urban Decay palettes, I attempted to use my flat brush with some duraline on it and it didn't help at all, the shadow went quite clumpy so it turned into a big of a fix job if I'm totally honest.

It can be quite difficult to play with shimmer shadows, I found my dark shadows on the outer corner quite hard to blend but that’s just a practice thing with me I think, I'll get there with time :)

So the brushes I used were as always my faithful Blank canvas E24 flat brush my E25 & E26 fluffy brushes and I also used my pencil brush from my Nima brush collection and a 6SS from Inglot.

I used about 3 different brown tones, a black and my gold glitter shadow from Urban Decay. I also added some Sleek pigment which didn't go too well so piled back on the shadow. I had prepped my eyes with a MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre.

Here is a couple of shots of my gold look…

This pic is no flash taken inward on the S4

Using flash on my Samsung S4 phone

These two are filtered using Beauty Mode on my Samsung S4 phone

Elaine’s look is quite similar to mine but she has a beautiful darker crease and her lashes look amazing. 

I also love the little pout she has going on here. Be sure to click over to Elaine’s blog post to read how she achieved this look. I would have liked a darker crease like Elaine and I really like how strong the gold colour looks on her eyes. As always her accessory is perfect for this look, it’s always the little touches she adds that just make her looks perfect.

If you have any suggestions on what we should use for our colour challenge getting closer to Christmas then please do let us know and we will give it a go for you :)

Elaine's Facebook:
Twitter: @RubyL_MakeUp
Instagram: @rubylainemakeup

Have a great evening...

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