My Holiday List- Skin & Hair Goodies I had with me!


Hello everyone,

Talk about a slow start back to blogging. So here we are after my holiday… let’s all just say a big WAAAHHHH here! It was so lovely to be away with J for a week, we hadn’t had that much time together in ages so we ate drank and attended the most beautiful wedding of Arlene and Mikey. Portugal is a serious wedding destination and although our week’s weather wasn’t 100% the breakaway couldn’t have been better.

For this post and my next one, I just want to run through a couple of skincare and body products I used while away and also a makeup post on what I found the best to use while away in the sun. Hopefully you will see some of your own stash here or if not then you can go and treat yourself to something nice if you are heading off somewhere nice.

So firstly I want to show you this little bad boy…

How super cute is my little toothbrush? It’s called the Slim Sonic and it’s my first ever electrical toothbrush and this was delivered a few weeks before the holiday, I couldn’t wait to bring it with me. It’s so easy to use (one click and your away) the batteries are running perfect as all the uses it had while I was away, I found I brushed my teeth more with all the ice-cream and cocktails I was drinking and it has its own  little travel case which again was super handy for travelling.
SLIM Sonic Features:      
·         22,000 brush strokes per minute at the push of a button
·         Sleek, compact and discreet
·         Unique vented protective cap
·         Trendy stylish colours and patterns to choose from
·         Replaceable toothbrush heads available
·         1 Replacement head and AAA battery included FREE! (Press Release)

This little bad boy retails at €12.95 as a special summer price from selected pharmacies.

Next up is a cream which arrived just before I left for the sun and I decided to bring it along with me. This is the new Vitamin C Moisturiser from The Body Shop Ireland. Here is a link to it being featured recently on Xpose This product is for dull tired and grumpy skin which mine was feeling very grumpy before we went away. It’s so good for your skin, totally hydrating and gives you such a wonderful glow on the skin after you use it. I loved this when I was away because I felt after a day in the heat with sun cream on my face and after a hot shower, this was exactly what I needed to then add my makeup for the nights out. I don’t use this as a night cream as it’s not really suited for that. If you are not a fan of the smell of oranges then stay away from this, it’s so orangey and I have to say I LOVE it!! To me it just smells so fresh and my skin drinks it up!! I am deffo on the hunt for anymore of the Vitamin C products as if that's how well the moisturiser did on my face, I want it all!! This is available from all Body Shop stores and costs €21.50

Now going away to the sun you have to have to protect yourself. I was very badly burned as a child one summer playing a soccer blitz. I didn’t care at the time but I got burned so bad on my face that I had water blisters on my cheeks and on my nose. I am now so super conscious of getting burned, I hate the thought of my skin being scalded ever again so I really try to look after myself. I brought two sun factors with me for the week and I used them both to no end.

The first is P20 in Factor 30. “P20 is formulated to provide the highest level of protection and water resistance making it ideal for prolonged sun and UV ray exposure. The P20 unique formula is non-greasy, non-oily and fragrance-free to provide the ultimate coverage, both in and out of the water, for up to 10 hours a day! P20 is a transparent gel that is easy to apply and ensures an even coverage. Once a day application means a little goes a long way, making P20 more economical than other sun care products that need to be re-applied regularly during the day. P20 is absorbed rapidly without any use of fragrance, colourants, parabens or artificial preservatives.” P20 retails from €19.99-34.99

I used this almost everywhere, everyday. I loved that it was long lasting, I sometimes use too much sun cream constantly applying but I was safe in the knowledge that my skin was being looked after. You always have to be careful to make sure you apply your sun cream at least 15mins before you actually go out into the sun. I think the spray is really easy to use. I did go through almost the two bottles I had while on holidays but I think that’s just me still being a little sun paranoid but I wouldn’t go passed P20 for peace of mind on a holiday.

Fab goodies from the Bioderma launch

The second sun protection I brought with me to Portugal was a higher factor and this is the Bioderma Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF50+ which is €22 for 200ml. I wore this on my face and on my chest every day of the holiday. The spray is like an oil so you feel slightly greasy but I actually found it more pleasant that most sun factors on my face. I didn’t break out too much on the holiday from using this product either which always happens to me when I am away in the sun as the oil from the sun cream seeps in and causes some spots. The smell of this spray is just lovely and it’s a staple for me now as I was so happy not to burn on the holiday. I sound crazy as our weather wasn’t even that great on the holiday but I needed to be sure I wouldn’t burn and thanks to these to sun creams, I didn’t!

Next up on my holiday list was something for my hair and this was a lovely little treat to bring with me which I think had my hair looking fantastic while away. I wasn’t really swimming in our pool or the sea, just dipping a toe here and there so my hair was in good condition as opposed to other really hot holidays I’ve had. This is the Moroccan Oil Finish Shine Spray. I have my hair a little spritz each evening before heading out and my hair was so super soft and smelled so lovely every day. I also used my Moroccan oil shampoo, conditioner and actual oil each time I washed my hair while away so I have to give credit to the entire range for having my hair super pretty. I received a trial pack of the goodies the first time I went to Zinc Hair and Beauty which you can read about HERE but I am now a super fan. Most products at full price retail around €18-€22 and I will deffo get them in time but as you can imagine with another wedding in less than 4 weeks expenses are tight. This shine spray is excellent. I spritz twice into the air and then let it settle on my hair. The key to not making your hair greasy after using something like this, is just to let it settle, don’t be at your hair and you’ll have a beautiful shine for the evening.

Tanning (well fake tanning) on holidays wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be in Portugal. This was down to two very important elements, the first was the weather was just crappy and the second was good old air conditioning in the room. I used my beloved Karora self tan mist for a light glow which I have reviewed HERE so you can check all about how that works.

The second product I used the day of the wedding to add a little more glow to my legs especially was the new Body Shop Tinted Leg Mist. “Our Tinted Leg Mist is a transparent gel mist, which helps to create tanned legs in seconds. It instantly helps to refresh legs and leave them feeling moisturised. The innovative mist application gives a bronzed, even glow with no oil, no shimmer and no transfer for a naturally tanned look. The dark colour of the gel helps to see where product has been applied and is easy to wash off.” (Press Release) I really loved this mist, it smells great and really gave my legs a fab glow touch up that I felt they needed. This is something I am going to use more and more over the summer when I want a tan fix without the hassle. I have also seen The Body Shop are doing a shimmering dry oil and a face gel so I may have to stock up on these with what's left of my vouchers. I have also seen though a new night cream that I just need to have. This brand has taken over my life in the last 12 months and I love it.

So there you have it, a few of my holiday favourites and next up I will write up some of my fave holiday makeup goodies I brought with me and used for the week. If you are heading away anywhere nice, I am so super jealous and have a wonderful time. If you're not and you wanna enjoy our sunshine whenever it decides to arrive, be sure to keep yourself hydrated and mind that skin of yours!

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