My Urban Decay Haul from UD Blackrock


Hello Lovelies,

Hopefully some of you will have seen my fab pictures up on Facebook and Instagram of my haul from Urban decay Blackrock last week. I also made a couple of videos on snapchat so be sure to follow me there @emmajcs.

I had been saving for a while to do an Urban Decay haul. I like to get products all in one go as it feels like you’re really spoiling yourself so I was delighted when my holiday was coming up and I saw The Loop are now stocking Urban Decay. Unfortunately in the days leading up to going, I couldn’t get some of the products I wanted on the loop and brilliant timing got an email from Debenhams that they had a beauty event coming up with 10% off all products. I was thrilled!!

I first discovered Urban Decay in Blackrock last year when it launched and that’s when I first met Manager Meg & Doireann. I have had my makeup done by Meg for an engagement party I attended and I loved it! I have also been to one of their masterclasses and I just love everything about that section in the Frascatti Shopping Centre Blackrock. Here are links to my two previous posts.

This is the look Meg created on me

I made my shopping list and popped into Meg yesterday to stock up. We talked through all the products I wanted to buy and luckily all were in stock. It so happened that some of the shades I was thinking for myself, Meg changed as she knew they would suit my skin better. I am so happy to have someone who can be so honest and direct you in the right way to a flawless makeup. We bagged up all my goodies and Meg even had a little gift box of samples waiting for me. I don’t know what I became more excited about, the products I had been planning to buy for ages or the surprises that were inside that glittering box of loveliness.

So here is what I bought myself…

Just look at those beauties

Complexion Primer Potion- I got this one (instead of the brightening one) as I feel sometimes the pore at the side of my nose can be noticeable so I’m really excited to try this out. I have had a sample in the past and loved it so I’m really happy now to have it in my collection for good. This retails at €27.

Naked Foundation in the shade 3.5: The foundation is deffo a daytime, light fave of mine. I have gone through a couple of bottle of it at this stage and some would say its consistency is similar to that of MAC Face & Body (it’s watery) but you can build it up and increase your coverage. I really like to apply this with a beauty blender sponge, leave it settle while I do my brows and then go back and add a second layer. For a stronger look, I will then set it with a mineral foundation sometimes but I just love this foundation. I feel I look healthy, fresh and without that disco ball grease effect that destroys my soul. This retails at €34
Naked Skin Concealer in the shade Light Warm: I am really happy with this shade, I have seen a lot of bloggers using their naked concealer mixed in with other concealers so I got this a slight shade deeper than the lightest so if needed I can add another lighter shade for more coverage such as my Inglot Under Eye Concealer which I have in the shade 91. This retails at €22.

Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in the shade Medium Neutral: I hadn’t planned on buying this product but so glad I did now. I was thinking of the loose powder but when myself and Meg were chatting about the look I wanted to achieve and how I like a fuller coverage especially for night time makeup, we decided that this shade would be the best and I am so happy with it. This retails for €33.

Naked Flushed Palette in the shade Strip: Again this was a colour change on the day and I have to say, you just cannot tell for sure when looking at a computer screen how suitable something is in real life, to me the Strip colouring was going to be too dark but when we were discussing the shade of foundation I use going out, I love the colouring in the strip palette. The bronzer colour will be perfect now for a sunkissed look. This retails at €29.50.

Summer Collection- Afterglow Blush in the shade Score: Oh these blushes!! What amazing colours I had to hold myself back from buying more than one but the list had to be stuck to as I do have a holiday to get to on Monday :) I chose the colour Score as it has a hint of sparkle in it, it’s a coral type colour and it’s not like anything else I have at the moment. I am a big peach, coral kinda bronze blusher girl so this is absolutely perfect for the summer. I’m not an overly pink blush person anymore so I needed to pick something I knew I’d wear and this one is just perfect. Be sure to check out these blushers if you haven’t as they are amazing!!This retails at €28.

Summer Collection- High Colour LipGloss in the shade Kinky: Urban Decay and their names, some are just not for the faint hearted at all but hey…everyone loves a good giggle. I chose this colour as it’s a nude that’s extremely wearable. I love this colour for the summer and although I am not a real gloss person I’m excited to get wearing this on holiday when my hair is tied up and out of the way. This retails at €19.

Revolution Lipstick in the shade FBomb: Hands up who loves a red lippy? Well I do and I couldn’t think of any better lippy to get than FBomb, it’s unreal! So bright, so red and just amazing I am thrilled to add this to my red babies. I think on most nights out I try to wear a bold lip so this will be rocked 100% from now on. This retails at €19.

So there are all my purchases and I have loved playing with them. As I have had samples of some of these products or had them used on my skin just in different shades, the review of these is completely easy, I am delighted with each and every one of these products. As I said the foundation is one of my firm faves and everything else I have tried out on my face today and loved. Debenhams had a lovely 10% off all beauty products which I also think runs until Sunday so if you have a chance to treat yourself, pop buy an Urban Decay counter and give yourself a little treat. All the prices I listed here are the full price so take 10% off anything mentioned.

As I said at the start, Meg so kindly had a gift box ready to go full of samples for me, I was thrilled to bits to see some of my faves in travel size and they will all be coming on holidays with me. I felt completely spoilt and it was such good timing as Meg had a few samples available for the Beauty event which is coming up. Urban Decay do fantastic makeovers redeemable against products so if you have an event coming up soon I highly recommend Meg in UD Blackrock and you can see the teams work on Facebook HERE I think it’s great the Blackrock crew have their own FB page and of course I was thrilled to see my mug on it a while back showing off Meg’s work, I loved that gold glitter look I had that night!

 If you were to ask me of any other Urban Decay products that you need in your life then the purple lid setting spray is amazing, you can get it in travel size (which I always buy) or full size. They retail at €12 & €29.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and you find it useful if you are looking to invest in some Urban Decay goodies. There is another option available to anyone living close to UD Blackrock, in July Meg and her team will be hosting a 4 week training course at the section in Debenhams. The course is starting Mid July and will run for 4 weeks, 2 hours over one evening. The course will incorporate you being shown a look/ a technique for an hour and then having the second hour to practice yourself. The amazing thing about this course is the cost, It’s €200 to take the course BUT every single cent of that is redeemable against product!!! You can literally buy and use all you need to create beautiful makeup looks and get the training you need to create them flawlessly. I am really hoping to be a part of the July course so I will be writing a weekly blog post on all we do. Really hope to see some of you there.

If you have any questions for me on Urban Decay or for Meg then please contact us through our facebook pages HERE and HERE.

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  1. What a haul!! I love everything, and totally agree that the purple top setting spray is the business. The travel size one lasts ages too! Enjoy you goodies! x