My Holiday Makeup Goodies- What came to Portugal!


Hey everyone! 

Oh lord check out that sunshine, I hope you're not stuck inside like me today :( Today I am following on from my skin post yesterday and here is my holiday makeup post. I have just included some of the makeup I brought with me to Portugal and giving a little overview of what I used all week.

Holiday makeup can be a tricky one, you want to look lovely (of course you do) but you don’t want to bring the kitchen sink with you when you go away (which I always do)
For this holiday I have bought loads of Urban Decay makeup before going away, would you believe, it was still in its lovely bag as I packed for Portugal and then I went and bought loads of new MAC makeup in The Loop and again didn’t think to use it while we were away. I think I was holding out so I could use all my new goodies at home and not risk ‘wasting’ them while away. It’s sad but true, I hoard all the boxes off my makeup for as long as possible until I feel they are now unloved enough to be unboxed and just placed in the drawer. At the minute I need a lot more storage so this much be tackled soon!!

Here’s a look at just some of the pieces I brought with me on the holiday…

Google Image

Isadora Protect Face Primer- This little beauty is just brilliant, I have a full sized version but I also have a travel version which was just perfect to bring with me on the holiday. This is an excellent primer as it also comes with an SPF of 30 in it. If you happened to read my skin holiday post you’ll know I’m a huge fan of protecting my face so even with the evening sun I wanted to be sure I didn’t burn and this primer is perfect for that. This primer is lightweight as you apply it, it also soaks into the skin really well and all my foundations sit really well on top of this.

Face Form was included in our Sleek Party Goodies

Sleek Face Form Palette €12.99- Sleek is a well-known brand throughout Ireland now but if you haven’t had a chance to try it yet then you need to get your hands on some of it big time. One of the first things (after the brow kit) I would recommend you try is a three in one palette known as the Face Form Palette. I have this in the shade light. The trio is excellent as it contains a contour powder, blush and highlighter so it was perfect to bring on holidays with me. I have used the contour palette before and I have this in medium but that duo doesn’t contain a blush so for me on holidays, this was just perfect! I used this each and every night and loved the look it gave my skin, the rose gold coloured blush is by far my fave offering from Sleek.  Sleek can now be found widely in pharmacies so get shopping!

Google Images

Wet&Wild Megalast Lipstick €2.99- These bad boys, OMG you need these! There are currently 10 new shades out which I have been on the hunt for but should have up on the blog very very soon. I brought my lippies in two shades for the holiday and the one I wore mostly was ‘Just Peachy’. I love this colour so much it became my go to colour, what a phrase to use, at times as a blogger it feels like everything is my ‘go to’ but I only have one bloody face and one set of lips. Anyway…I wore this shade a lot and it is lovely. The stain and longevity of Wet&Wild Lipsticks is truly amazing for such a small price, just keep an eye out on the stands they are a huge seller but start your collection as soon as they have a huge range of colours. 

Google Images

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- I brought a sample size of this product with me on holiday which was kindly given to me by Meg in Urban Decay Blackrock which you can read all about my purchases HERE. I have two of these setting sprays in a travel size that retail at €12 which I think are brilliant. I have just finished my purple lid which is the all night one, and then I also have the oil control spray which is a grey top. Every night this spray was like a little security blanket on my face, my makeup lasted all night and I know we didn’t have as hot weather as we wanted but still it was nice to know my makeup was set and I wasn’t overly shiny at all throughout the night.

Image from Press Release

Mememe Cosmetics Arch Angel- For those of you that don't know, I love Mememe! I have so many of their products but one I hadn't tried before my holiday was the Arch Angel. So many bloggers and makeup artists have posted about this so I was delighted to get it just before leaving. This was so handy to have while away, it is a two part brow tool "that consists of a tinted brow gel that adds brilliant colour, definition and hold to secure fly away brow hairs.   The opposite end contains a creamy highlighter that lifts the brow and creates further, flawless definition." (press release) It was so easy to use every evening getting ready and having the little highlighter was great to give my eyes a lift. I wasn't all about my overly structured brows mosts night (unlike my usual self) so this was brilliant. I think if you're someone starting out with your brows or you just want to help control them a little, then this product is deffo for you.

All the wonderful treats we got from Benefit

Benefit They’re Real Mascara- Now for something not so great…This mascara and I are just not getting on at the moment. I don’t know what happened but I was super clumpy and it was really hard to get off. I attended a Benefit event a few months back and we were treated to all They’re Real liners and Mascaras and while I am learning to use the liner (slowly) I waited until the holiday to bring the mascara with me. I don’t want to say too much negative at the moment as a few nights of use to me is not enough but I was in a shopping centre called Aqua and actually bought a new mascara just to carry me through the last couple of days. I don’t know if the weather was hampering my ability to use this mascara or is it just not for me but still I just thought I’d mention the struggle I was having with the black They’re Real but I am staying determined to get the hang of both the mascaras and the liners.

That’s just  a few of the makeup products I brought with me on the holiday so wanted to share a few thoughts with you all. Happy Tuesday!! 

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