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Hello Sweeties,

So wasn't this a fab surprise this morning? I came home late last night to a delivery notice in our post box so I got up early this morning and headed for the Post Office collection office first thing. What I could see was a white cardboard box with ‘Sweet Box’ stickers on it and instructions on where to open the box from. Once I saw the sticker I knew what is was but I still didn’t know what would be inside it.  

I made a little snapchat video of opening it and it was so difficult not to start laughing and getting excited in the car. You can check out my story from today but heading over to snapchat and following me @emmajcs This is a brand new Irish Subscription Box solely delivering a kilo of sweets once a month to its subscribers and each month you will get a different mix of goodies.

So here is the info letter included in my pack this morning…

If there's any problem with the graphic please let me know

They also sent an info card on the sweets which are included, I really liked this idea as some sweets you may or may not be familiar with so you can see what they are and why they were chosen as in are they a retro sweet that maybe weren't around when you were small ;)

So what’s in the launch box?....

Well as you can see you get an awful lot of sweets in each sweet box! It will take me ages to get through these on my own but I'm sure J will help me and my two co-workers in the office have also offered their services so we shall bust our way through them. I love the little jars and already know that they will make fab little makeup brush holders where we are finished with them. Those teeth will be kept very close to my chest, they're my favourite sweet and I also get them if I see them in a Pick&Mix.

I really like this idea and I do hope it takes off, I think personally for me the cost may be a factor to sign up for more than a rolling one month but I certainly know a few friends that would just die for this on their birthdays. I think as a gift for someone with a sweet tooth this is just fantastic and I can see it taking over parties and weddings all over the country. The retro sweet thing has really taken off and I think as this is where the idea for sweet box stemmed from, it’s really going to do well so I wish the team at Sweet Box all the best and I will be sure to enjoy these delicious goodies.

Do be sure to click onto www.sweetbox.ie or their Facebook page HERE for any additional info or pics of unboxing the launch box. There is currently a deal running on their facebook page which lasts until Tuesday the 9th in which you can get €10 off the launch box so what are you waiting for?... I am in love with the selection!!

Have a sweet day peoples ;)

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