#FlashbackFriday- A lesson with Emma in Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios Kilkenny


Hey Everyone,
So here we are my #FlashbackFriday series. I was reading through the blog posts of lessons courses and classes I have attended since starting my blog Mastering Your Makeup and decided I really want to share them with everyone again. Some of my followers have never had a chance to read the amazing times I've spent with Makeup Artists and Companies training and learning from people with amazing talent. So every Friday I am going to share with you some of my experience and I hope you like it x

Original Post October 2013
Friday morning was wet and horrible but I was so excited to hit the road to visit a make up studio I had been dying to visit for ages. I have missed two one day courses already so I contacted Emma a couple of weeks ago to enquire about a one to one lesson. The lessons usually cost €60 for an hour and twenty mins but there was a special offer on and it was now only €35, I took it as a sign and booked myself in finally!

Arriving at the studio, I was so excited! Too excited really as I had forgotten to bring my make up brushes with me :( The key to these lessons are you bring your own make up with you, and Emma works with you to show you how to do it correctly, change some of the mistakes you may be making and also suggest some products which may suit your skin or your likes.

Very Sleepy!

Emma is so pretty, truly a beautiful woman and so friendly. I look for that a lot when I go for lessons now, it can be quite daunting to arrive in to meet someone you know is a professional and they are about to watch you do your own make up, feeling comfortable is key to making that work and Emma is professional to a tee. She was lovely and welcoming and we got to work straight away but at no time did I feel silly or under pressure, I was there to learn and delighted to be there.

We started by talking skincare. I explained to Emma I was currently using the Clinique range for blemished skin. Its the mint green system and I have been using it since July. Unfortunately for me, I don't know is it my love of junk food or lack of drinking water but my poor skin is just not getting clear. I am hoping this will change but as well as learning all my new make up skills, I plan to eat more healthy and drink loads and loads of water. Emma suggested I try the Kielhs Ultra Skin range. She has promoted this brand for brides and MUA's as she feels it suits all skin types and really works at creating good clear skin. Of course this has now gone on my list of purchases! I am going to finish out the Clinique range and then start on Kielhs.

So my skin; I have combination skin... not overly dry on my cheeks but a fairly oily t-zone so I try to be careful with what foundation I choose. As I have previously mentioned, when I go out I like to look really 'made up' but Emma made a great point to me on Friday which got me thinking about make up application. "Would you rather someone tell you, you are wearing lots of make up or would you rather someone tell you, you look fantastic?" I think this is becoming more important to me as I am starting a new job soon which will mean meeting people a lot during the day so I want a flawless make up look suitable for day time but as always makes me look healthy, clear and pretty (I don't ask for much do I? ;) )

I brought with me my Urban Decay Naked foundation and Emma agreed the liquid consistency is good for me as would MAC Face and Body foundation which I happen to have. This foundations are not very heavy on the skin and as I had forgetten my brush, Emma showed me a great application technique. These foundations are quite light and watery so if you place the foundation on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together until the foundation becomes 'tacky' and then apply it like a moisturiser and then blend it out with your ring finger.

*Emma told me that using your ring finger is the most gentle touch you can put on your face, your index finger can sometimes be quite hard for blending.* 

Powder: I brought with me my glo minerals powder and showed Emma I use the Bare Minerals 'swirl, tap and buff' technique on my face as this is what I had experienced at the Bare Minerals counter. Again this is the right way to apply the powder but if like me you have an oily t-zone, I have to really press my powder onto that area rather than buff. Still using my same full face brush, I can buff on my dryer areas like my cheeks but I use the brush to lightly press the powder onto my t-zone. I asked Emma for other suggested powders and for me she chose MAC Prep and Prime Pressed Translucent Powder or the MAC Skin Mineralise Powder in a lighter shade.

Contour/Highlight/Blush: As I visit more and more people, I am learning there are so many ways to line your face. I did like how Emma's application was light and yet still got the desired effect without being drastic with the product itself. To contour, you lightly dust the brush over the area you want to conceal from the light, the hollow of your cheek is a good example of this. Highlighting on Friday we used my YSL Touche Eclat. Using the YSL stick itslf, brush under your eye making sure to get right into the bridge of your nose. I have started to notice I am getting quite dark under my eyes so I need to keep concealing. 
The key to concealing is:
Pink hides darkness
Yellow is for blemishes

Blusher: I hear quite conflicting reports on where you should apply blush but I have always thought it was on the apple of your cheeks. You should create a warmth on your cheeks not a harsh colour line. You put some blush on your brush, tap off the excess and begin to move your brush up and down quickly before the brush even touches your face, this will gently put some colour on your cheeks and not leave product sitting on your face.

Brows: As posted recently I used my new HD Palette, the key to good brows is to start with the bottom of the brow and only fill in where you have gaps first. Do the same on the top of the brow and only then add colour to to your existing the hair. You are creating the illusion of hair where there isn't any so you don't need to colour your existing hair too much as then the colour will always be darker and the gaps will remain more noticeable. 

Eyeliner; Oh ladies I was hopeless. I had told Emma I really like the vintage look and that I like to play with my eye liner so she asked me to do one eye to show her what my technique was like.... Needless to say I was totally wrong in how I did it and it looked ridiculous when I had eventually finished!! :( The proper way to do your eye liner is to work from 3/4 of the way out of your lash line into a 1/4 in with gel eye liner, then work back out to the outside and that is how you create a flick, dot into the inside of your eye and that inside line should be much skinnier than the outside.

Mascara; To do your bottom lashes you look slightly up and turn your wand lengthways, you apply it to the bottom lashed individually. Do your bottom lashes first. For the top lashes, you look down and you zig zag the brush from the root out. This is how you create volume but be sure to zig ziag the brush to really create length. I had actually thought I was putting my mascara on wrong but it turns out I have quite long lashes and I wouldn't let them dry properly so they would hit my eye lid and leave marks.

Lips: I brought with me my fave lip colour MAC Russian Red, my one ability has been my lips lately and Emma was happy with my application. I was buzzing but I do love my lippy so I expect nothing less from myself ;)

Feeling so pretty!

Ladies I would absolutely recommend going to meet Emma and her team in Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios in Kilkenny. She will be hosting her next one day make up course on November 10th. Check her out on Facebook. It's the weekend of my big move so unfortunately I cannot attend.


Eyrebrushed also do their own range of brushes which are fantastic! Emma was very kind to give me a present of a brush which can be used for both brows and liner. I had never invested in a proper liner brush before so this has been a great addition to my growing brush collection.  I have been practising loads with my new tool and will deffo be purchasing more of the Eyrebrushed brushes. These can be purchased through the studio on the day of the courses.

I walked away Friday morning with a flawless face of make up and having met one of my favourite MUA's so far. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and will hopefully make it back some day to the studio for one of the many courses. For a business opened only seven months in Kilkenny, Emma has years of experience as an MUA, she has worked with some of the biggest companies in Ireland and she is an outstanding teacher. 

Apologies for the long post but all the detail was completely necessary to show the true extent of all I learned.

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