YSL Touche Éclat Violet Review


Hello Lovelies

Today I want to talk to you about a high end beauty product that arrived to my door a few weeks back. I was just delighted to see this package when it arrived as YSL touche éclat original is a real love if mine. I'm almost finished my 3rd touche éclat concealer/highlighter I have been buying them for years. I usually pick them up in the loop when I travel as I just love the glow they give your under eye area.




Rise and shine. For a complexion that truly beams with a wide-awake glow, patches of dullness must be drawn beneath a veil. And to this end, YSL Beauté presents TOUCHE ÉCLAT NEUTRALIZERS, a collection of 3 colour-correcting neutralisers, each with the sole purpose of unifying the complexion and correct discolouration for an immaculate finish.
Select the shade that sits directly opposite to the tone you seek to correct.
Adept at infusing a sense of warmth and health to the complexion, apply this apricot-hued neutraliser in the same places you’d apply bronzer; to cheekbones, a touch on the centre of the forehead and to the underside of the jaw if you’re in need of a boost.
This aerated mint shade is ideal for blanketing over areas of redness or blemishes on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. Use before foundation to avoid laying too heavy a layer on thereafter.
Lilac tricks the eye into making the complexion look brighter, so use this tempered lavender tone to cancel out any sallow or yellowish shadows under the eyes, returning this delicate area of skin back into balance. Add a little to the inner corner of the eyes and under the brows to brighten.
Select your shade and delicately paint a veil over areas of discolouration before applying foundation to eliminate the area of dyschromia. Think of it as the ultimate first step in building the perfect skin canvas.
Each TOUCHE ÉCLAT NEUTRALIZERS is to be used with a very light tapping motion, to delicately blend the edges on the area you specifically wish to correct.
“Colour correction is very much a pro trick, one which has been readily used in theatre since makeup began. It helps to create a three-dimensional effect on the skin, eliminating certain things and embracing others.”
I was sent the purple (violet) shade which is going to be a really good addition to my makeup stash. I sometimes find that after a rough night's sleep I can have darker circles to I have been using this neutralizer on that area and it really helps to brighten up my eyes. The product itself is really light so you don't mind adding it to your under eye area. There is nothing worse than a heavy product being placed on the area and you soon find you feel your eyes are heavier than before and looking worse than they did. These new neutralizers are now available on all YSL counters and will set you back around €35. I think these are a really nice high end gift to someone else or to yourself if you ever get a voucher. They may not be for everyone but as a high end product I really like it.

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