Glove Your Body Range- Have you tried this Irish brand?


Hey Ladies,

This absolute beauty entered my life last year and today I have edited an initial post I wrote on the Glove Your Body Tanning mitt but also to include a new product from the brand the Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad.

Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt:

Original post:

I was delighted to receive my mitt within a couple of days of being in touch with the company and I have to say, I didn’t know what to make of it when it arrived, it seemed huge but of course the first thing I was drawn to was the leopard print, it’s a big love in my life!!

I was also so happy to see that the packet your mitt comes in can be resealed and has a handle for carrying so I never have to worry whether the tan on the mitt will come off in a handbag or onto my clothes (huge bonus point)

So I have now used this mitt with liquid tan, mousse tan, spray tans and it’s been lashed into the washing machine …. It is still perfect!!!

I genuinely cannot get over this product! I know many of you will be thinking €19.99 is a huge amount of money to pay for a mitt but on average you pay up to €5 for the other foam mitts and they may get one wash in the washing machine but never feel the same, this mitt is going to last you ages, it is so comfy on the skin and can be brought everywhere.

Here is all the info from the website they also have a facebook page and the mitt is now widely available in all leading stockists in Ireland.

"So, why is our glove unique and why will you want to buy it…..…

Our unique design means the Glove Your Body DUAL MITT does not slip around or off         the hand during application.
The design enables a streak free application that goes on evenly and smoothly every         time.
It saves you both time and money as it goes on quicker and uses less product.
It has a luxurious baby soft feel to the skin. The soft luxurious inner lining also                   ensures the skin is free from leakage, ensuring your hands stay clean, dry and                   unstained every time (tan and go – simple and easy).
Re-usable time and time again. It has a modern design with excellent durability. This         means you will save money with the Glove Your Body DUAL MITT versus traditional             mitts/gloves.
It is machine washable – our unique patent allows the Bodyglove to be washed time           and again without any loss of functionality.  
It is suitable for right or left hand users.
It works with all self-tanners, bronzers and tinted moisturisers.
For your convenience, it comes with its own travel bag."

I am so so happy with this product, I would 100% recommend it to my readers so be sure to click over to Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt on Facebook.

"The mitt that fits like a glove"

Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad:

This little baby arrived into the apartment a few weeks back and it's funny I've actually been using it so often I just forgot I hadn't posted about it yet. So let's take a look at what this little pad claims to do...

This product has been engineered to create a luxury dual cleansing pad using the best materials available on the market today for daily cleansing and exfoliation of your face and neck. The dual cleansing and exfoliation pad is used daily without the expense of replace cleansing wipes, cotton wool pads and face cloths time and time again.
The luxury dual cleansing and exfoliation pad can be used with all skin types of facial cleansing lotions gels and scrubs. 

Cleansing side is 100& high quality muslim

  • Cleanses face and neck daily
  • Removes daily dirt and makeup
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh clean and smooth
  • CLeans pores ready for moisturiser
  • Creates and excellent base for makeup application

Exfoliation side
  • Removes dead skin cells, dirt oil and makeup
  • Clear out facial pores
  • Creates healthy skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft smooth and radiant
  • Allows cleansing and moisturising products to absorb more easily into the skin.

So as I mentioned I really like this little pad. I mostly keep it in my travel wash bag, I find that when I'm travelling home to Waterford its so good for taking off makeup quickly and prepping your skin for nights out. I do tend to wear an awful lot of makeup when I go out and I hate going to bed with makeup still on my face so it's really nice to be able to use this pad along with my cleanser or a mask and really remove all the makeup.

When you use the exfoliating side with a mask it's like you have a new layer of skin but without worry that you are damaging your face, you just use the pad in a way that best suits your own face and only you will know that for sure. 

The mitt is the best tanning mitt I own and that's 100% the truth, we were so lucky to be given a mitt at the #DeiseBloggers event in November but I haven't opened the new one, there's no need, I simple use my mitt and my pad and lash them into the washing machine when they need a boost and they come out sparkling.

For any tan lover you really need this mitt and if you find that when cleaning your skin you need a little extra help that a cotton pad won't do then you deffo need the new Dual Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad. As you all well know by now I do not like face wipes on my skin at all!!

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