Lancome Juicy Shaker: A fresh product for Summer


Hello Everyone,

If you are following me on Snapchat @emmajcs you'll have seen I am loving these new Lancome Juicy Shakers. I featured them as part of my high end top 5 at the moment. I went to the launch of these babies back last month and was blown away by the beauty of the event but I was also really intrigued by the product. The event was held in a stunning studio just beside Stephen's Green, it was a crisp bright morning so the sun shone into the room and as this products is being launched for spring/summer, the decor made the place look like spring was already in Dublin.

Now like any blogger worth their salt I will 100% admit that I am not a big lip gloss fan, I find the sticky feeling quite annoying and there's nothing worse than your hair getting caught in your lips and almost going crusty from the gloss now stuck in it. So you can see I'm brutally honest when it comes to glossy things. I did approach the event with a total open mind but my past experience of the juicy tubes, spending a Christmas voucher to have a high end lipgloss is not something I'd do again in a hurry.

Let's take a look at the press release info on the latest Lancome installment:

After Juicy Tubes, the make-up revolution of the 2000s, Lancôme invents Juicy Shaker, a rule-breaker designed to mischievously and playfully shake up the codes of make-up thanks to its cocktail of innovations.
It’s unique features?... Unprecedented shake it application, a surprising biphasic formula pairing pigments with lip care oils, a unique cushion applicator… And a make-up result combining adjustable-intensity and vibrant sheer colour with satin shine; all this in a super soft and non-sticky texture. In short, a totally addictive new sensation nestled within this fun and chic accessory that you’ll never get tired of!!
Why Juicy Shaker is So Lancôme…
Juicy Shaker echoes two emblematic Lancôme products: the Shaker, one of the fabulous bijou lipsticks imagined by the brand’s founder, Armand Petitjean, in the earliest years. Created in 1946, when cocktails were making their mark as symbols of glamour everywhere, with a daringly avant-garde silhouette for its time, it inspired the name and the very concept of Juicy Shaker. Lancôme’s other inspiration was of course Juicy Tubes, that iconic gloss – so often imitated, but never duplicated – which changed the rules of make-up in 2000 with its fun spirit, ease of use and zesty fragrances.
Heritage and innovation: the whole Lancôme philosophy is embodied.

The surprise of a biphasic formula
Phase 1: an ingenious blend of silky oils
The Juicy Shaker texture literally fuses with lips on application, thanks to four precious ingredients: oils with complementary properties, which instantly offer lips a smooth and plumped-up look, alongside dazzling shine and absolutely no sticky sensation.
  •  Peach kernel oil, softening and nourishing.
  • Sweet almond oil, to leave lips supple and re-structured.
  • Cranberry oil, anti-oxidant, protective and restorative of skin’s protective barrier because of its richness in Omega 3 and 6.
  • Musk rose oil, regenerating and soothing.

Phase 2: an infusion of pigments
Thanks to its original biphasic formula, Juicy Shaker combines comfort with the colour impact of perfectly dosed pigments in a multitude of vibrant shades with an adjustable finish…
A dispersant agent guarantees uniform pigment diffusion when the texture is shaken, for perfect colour distribution on application.
Result: freshly shaken, Juicy Shaker dresses lips in a splash of radiant colour. Repeat application until you achieve the desired colour intensity.
 A unique sensorial applicator
Lancôme creates its first ever cushion applicator for lips: a surprising tool that’s velvety, supple and soft to the touch… In combination with the exclusive Juicy Shaker formula, it ensures the quintessence of gentleness to leave lips pampered, soft and supple with each successive application.
Like a sponge, its alveolar texture absorbs just the right dose of formula for ultra-simple and intuitive application – all the more so thanks to its conical shape, which perfectly hugs the lip contours. In a single stroke, this next-generation tip applies a film of shiny colour so fine it’s tempting to re-apply over and over: the result can thus be built up for made-to-measure intensity, with no risk of overloading lips. Dab the cushion over the centre of the lips to leave them as if re-plumped with an irresistible touch of colour, or apply over the whole lips for a more uniform effect.
Each stroke of the applicator is a true colour-infused caress.

So you can see there is a lot of info from the company there but let's get to the nitty gritty what is it really like to wear...Well as my snaps suggested, it's not sticking it's a really lovely treat for the lips.
Like my hands, I am not great at taking care of my lips, I don't find it boring or anything I think I just 'forget' or just don't think of it. I have so many lip balms in my drawers and they sit there calling me....'wear me Emma' but even when they're in my handbag I don't think of them during the day being cooped up in the office. 
So I am now the happy owner of two of the Juicy Shakers and...I wear them all the time!! They really do feel so light on the lips, there's no sticky feeling, the more layers you apply the more of a tint you get. It's not a bright colour that the bottle would suggest so do bear that in mind, it's a hint of a tint on the lips but glides on with the little applicator. 
At €22 some people will think this is a little too expensive and I'll agree if it's not something you think you would like, it's a big investment when there are so many other lip balms and lip glosses out there but honestly I haven't a single other product in my drawer that is the same as the Juicy Shaker. I really like the refreshing feeling I get when I use the Juicy Shaker and the scents are lovely, there is a lime flavoured shaker I'd love to get my hands on but I'll stick with my two for now.
You can now get the Juicy Shakers at all Lancome stands. 

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