Tanning Series- Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil


Good morning ladies…

So first things first, It’s Friday, not Thursday so on my 9th week of the Tanning Series I am a day late. It’s been a pretty busy week for me work wise, I am just getting over my horrible cold so I am a little out of sorts still.

Nevertheless my pale self was treated to a lovely colour from this week’s featured tan… Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil.

I was sent this beautiful tanning oil from Skin Logic which you can check out HERE. This tan retails at €24.99 on the site and is widely known as a great brand throughout the country. This is the 2nd tanning oil I have in the series and of course I was a little apprehensive as I have just started getting used to lotions/mousse on a mitt. The bottle is glass so be careful, it contains 100ml of the tanning oil and from my half body use I have used barely anything so that’s a huge bonus already for the tan, I hate wasting tan on mitts and gloves when I want it on my body! 

So what’s the info about this tanning oil, well it’s exactly the same as prepping for any tan but for the application Ciara in Skin Logic suggested using my hands… WHAT???? I didn't know what to make of that I'll tell you straight I had a vision of a chocolate coloured oil running off me and once again looking like something too early for Halloween! But… nope that didn't happen at all! I prepped my skin, exfoliating and moisturising the night before my tanning application, I then got to work on lashing on the tan... well it's clear and only slightly greasy so it's very hard to see where you have put it on and where you haven't. That got me a little worried but I thought, be brave and keep going... the bottle has a slow pour action which was great so I had no spillage, I cupped my hand, added some tanning oil and applied it like a body moisturising oil but keeping close attention to my hands to be sure I was moving them everywhere I wanted to be tanned.

I let myself dry a little while longer than some other tans to be sure it was safe to dress as I still couldn't see any colour at all, I didn't know how I was feeling but my clothes were safe, no rub off on them and my hands I gave a quick wipe with a water wipe and was happy enough they wouldn't be destroyed.

Why can't I just love these pictures to be the right way around!

I really really like the colour, it's soft and gentle which suits my want for that healthy look and not a night time look. There was no scent off it as it was developing, in the bottle it smells slightly like oranges which is grand for me I don't mind them. The fade has also been great, I am showering daily with a wash and putting on moisturiser after each shower and I am not patchy anywhere.

For a natural healthy tan (nothing too dark at all) I would recommend Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil. I like companies that are focussed on bringing out safer products for our bodies, I think the price point seemed a little expensive but now from using the product it is certainly going to last me ages using my hands for application.

You can purchase this self tanning oil and many more tan organic products from Skin Logics www.skinlogiconline.com and be sure to check them out at the Beauty Show if you are lucky enough to go in October.

Emma x

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