Monday Rainbow Challenge... Purple Madness this week!


Happy Monday All,

And here we are at the 1st of September! It seems many people see this as a day for change and a day for a fresh start so I think I am going to join those folk in the celebration of a new time to get in gear for this winter, vitamins at the ready I am hoping not to be sick again anytime soon!

So for this week’s Rainbow Challenge, myself and Elaine took on Purple! I quite like purple but it’s not really a colour I use that often, I think with my pale skin and blue eyes I keep to the brown/cream/orange/cranberry kinda jazz!

Purple was fun for me as I have two palettes in my possession which had stunning purple shades in them. I used my Laveesha Chelsea palette for the bright purple on the lid, and I have to say this colour was just amazing! It is so hard to really capture on a phone camera but I used flash and no flash to show you the real shade. The 2nd palette that I used was my Fuschia makeup palette which I got in a sale last Christmas. It has such a huge amount of colours, it’s great for this rainbow challenge as there is literally every colour you need. It doesn't have the same pigment as the Laveesha palette but I used a lighter purple, a brown and a black from this palette to smoke out the look.

My liner is as always my no.77 from Inglot which by a happy mistake stabbed my inner eye corner so I tried to fix it then for a slightly Arabian look and of course one eye looks better (hence the head tilt pictures) I am a honest writer as you all know and I get so up in a heap about gel liner it’s not funny but my motto now is not to give up and if I persist with this then eventually I have to get the hang of it and be much more confident.

The main brushes I used for this look were my Blank Canvas Cosmetics double ended E25/E26 brush and the E10, I also blended out with my Inglot 6SS brush. I didn't find the look over easy, I think I made the mistake of using the lighter purple first where I should have gone in with the brown but all of these challenges are helping me to learn about colours and my own eye shape. To try and cover a little of the mess, I used my Inglot sparkles in no.2 to highlight my brow bone, which I really liked. It’s good when you start to learn that a product can be used in more than one way and it stops you buying rakes and rakes of products when you don’t actually need them!
Here is a few snaps of my ‘purple’ look….

You can totally see the difference with the flash on

As always Elaine has done an amazing job! She created two looks this week to showcase how colours can be used differently. Her 1st look is based on a smoked purple and her 2nd is a 60's inspired look. I really like both looks and I think it’s great to see the difference once again in how we work/ use colours.

If you have any questions on Elaine’s looks please do contact her through her Facebook page HERE

I think it’s great to have the time to try out some new colours and new looks and I think if you are in this position, give it a lash. Makeup has a wonderful way of changing face shapes and a person’s image, something which I absolutely love. I don’t mind showcasing looks that need a little extra work or help because I never try to come across as the expert here, although recently qualified, I want to play, experiment, mess up and then learn to be perfect so I really do hope you are enjoying this series as much as we are.

See you all next week…

Emma x

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  1. Your winged liner looked fab here Em! X

  2. Definitely my favourite make up look so far in the challenge :) what lipstick did you use?