Monday Makeup Rainbow Challenge- Green


Hello ladies!!!

Everyone have a good weekend? Well I'm sick so mine was filled with self pity and lots of 'me' time as my beloved was working all weekend... Bad times folks :(

So this week myself and Elaine took to green.... Now green is a colour I never wear, I don't know what it is but I think its because I'm pale with blue eyes I think green just doesn't so anything for me. That being said it was another excuse to 'play' with colour which is exactly the point of this challenge, get out there and get brave with colour.

My look I had planned to be green with brown but my brown liner was dismal so lashed on some black and had to get into the battle of add a little here and there and ended up with big liner haha!

My shadows for green were two greens from the Laveesha Chelsea Palette andy dark green on the lid was the colour Mildew from Urban Decay (whatta name!) I used a soft brown in the green from my Inglot Freedom Palette. It's strange even with four colours used all I see is the dark green but again that's the joys of shimmer, sometimes they just end up completely blending into one.

I enjoyed this week but I am looking forward to trying something on the dark side!!

So here's me....

As always Elaine looks fantastic, she has a glitter/pigment on her eyes for this look and I think she looks fantastic. I deffo think the green look suits her much better than me but I love Elaine's look for green she looks super!

Here is Miss Lainey...

I'm sorry the post is so short tonight folks my parentals have arrived up from Deise land and are staying with me tonight so I best be off to entertain... Hope you enjoyed our greem looks and of course if you have any questions please contact me on Facebook HERE or Elaine's HERE

Emma x

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