Is it time for me to just stop with the subscription boxes? I need your advice!!



So I know I know, I said I wouldn't be blogging this week but this will only be a small post on what was contained in the September issue of the Chic Treat Club beauty subscription boxes. Now my love affair started with these boxes, back when I saw blogger and blogger, getting boxes and loving them and for the pure fear of 'missing out' which is actually a concept myself and Elaine from Ruby Laine Make-Up Special FX were only discussing last night, I signed up to three of them.... THREE!!!

Now since first signing up, Powder Pocket ceased for a couple of months but word has it, they've moved to Dublin and will be relaunching very soon! I cancelled my Glossybox subscription after two dismal months as far as I was concerned so the one remaining love box in my life was Chic Treat Club. Again this is an Irish brand box and my first box arrived in July and it was AMAZING! 

I think that box retailed at like €80 so paying the €16.95 was no issue for me for that box and you can read all about that HERE The only issue I had with this box was a product named in the box guide was not in my box, I was given a 3rd different product and when I queried this with Chic Treat unfortunately I got no response, so I wasn't exactly overjoyed with that but I said I would stick it out for another month at least seeing as to be fair to the box and company, I was delighted with the amount of products in the box and with the brands contained also.

Moving onto August then, I didn't post about my Chic Treat Box, between a family wedding in the UK , being off work and in general being flat out with other things on the blog it completely slipped my mind. I received my final Glossybox and my Chic Treat BOx a few days in between and wasn't blown away by either. I wasn't interested in the Glossybox as I hadn't expected it, it was due to a miscommunication on my part of the opt out date that I had to pay for it and then wasn't in anyway surprised when I wasn't happy so I knew I made the right call. As with the Chic Treat Box though, I was disappointed! I expected more given the previous box (now I know that brands are really difficult to secure and I know in the competitive market, boxes are trying their absolute best to make each one perfect but this fell short of how wonderful the July box was for me anyway) I read a few reviews with similar thoughts to mine but to be fair, I am my own woman so make a call for myself only.

Here is the August box...

I'm actually missing the face mask from this box as it's the only thing I used one evening when I was home but the rest of the products are currently still sitting in the box.

So August wasn't too great but at least I got what the book said this time so I thought to  myself is it time to quit or one more month.... now I start to sound like a broken record to myself but how many 'one more months' can I afford to be unhappy with?

So September is now here and this is what we received....

September... I'm once again not too happy. Not because of the brands I actually really like my existing Balmi so a new flavour is very welcomed and I have sleek to beat the band which is great but again with a cuticle product only having one last month and also hand sanitizer this just wasn't for me personally. This month there was a discrepancy which Chic Treat put on Facebook hours after the boxes were received (probably not to ruin the surprise on people) that they had posted a wrong Sleek product in their guide, now I don't get it... I'm sure there are thousands of the boxes and every one of us saw in the guide what we were meant to get but all got something else and again now in September a second wrong product. In the guide we were told we would be getting a hand serum and yet we get a hand sanitizer (which I do keep in my bag and use but not as my monthly treat thanks) I wanted this box to be so so good and I just felt a little deflated. I wanted a bit more luxury and for me this just didn't do that. I am now starting to think it's me being too fussy so please please don't take my word as bible this post is completely only me putting my thoughts to the keyboard!

I do have a question though in relation to my first 3 CTC experiences.... can anyone out there tell me the difference between box 1 July and box 3 for me September?? Talk about a reduction in products... and value!! My July box was estimated at €80 and this month was at €24?? I pay €16.95 and receive a €7 discount?! Nope!!! Now ladies I am not overly high maintenance, despite what is coming across in this post but I think I am learning a really valuable lesson that these boxes just may not be for me at all... maybe what I need to do with my €17 subscription fee is head into my local pharmacy once a month and treat myself to some products on offer... be it makeup, beauty or hair and just see how I get on that way. I am not for one min slating any subscription box but I think I am just the wrong candidate for them! I have tried 3 companies, had some wonderful individual products and some which I think are total naff and at the end of the day it's the luck of the draw with what you get. I feel people are working their asses of to source amazing products for these boxes and really work on making them wonderful for their clients but I think I need to reconsider what it is I expect from them? I have an empty box in my bathroom now with all the sample products, I don't know if i'll ever use them, I've passed some to friends and family and at least if I was treating myself then I wouldn't be annoyed when I get things like hand sanitizer! 

Oops I had every intention this would be a small small post so apologies for that... my big question is, for the fear of 'missing out' do I give Chic Treat Club 'one more month'?? I would actually love some help with this one ladies!!!

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  1. Hi Miss Emma,
    I think one subscription is already okay.
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines

  2. I've only ever been subscribed to Glossybox. The first two or three were brilliant but it's like they run out of steam and it starts falling apart. I pre ordered that new Look Fantastic box in the hopes because it's a new launch it will be great. think if any new ones come about I'll order the first of those aswell and let that be it. It's a shame because it's obviously a brilliant idea and they do get it right at least once

  3. I signed up to the Chic Treat Club in August after seeing the July box and I have to say my feeling is the same as yours on both. I'm going to try just one more month, if it's another let down then I think I'll spend my €16.95 on something I will actually get use out of!

    1. Yeah I agree they really need to up their game for the Oct box x

  4. Yeah I'm fine with it not being perfect each time but that total difference wasn't great so maybe one last chance haha x