Tuesday Brush Series.... Powder that face!!


Good evening ladies....

So tonight in the brush series it's time to move on to setting our face!

My absolute fave brush now to use to set my face is my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F25 Large Powder Brush. This is one of the newest brushes I ordered and it costs €13.99 from the BCC website  www.blankcanvascosmetics.com  

Being bold.. it's in the cleaning pile ;)

I really like this brand, I was slow to build up my collection only starting in March at the Beauty Show but as the blog has grown and my following of new MUA's and Bloggers I am now a HUGE fan. If some of you haven't used these brushes before, I want to be totally honest... I spent €60 recently on a range of brushes because I have seen them used by MUA's and watched countless videos on YouTube where the brushes were used. I am not paid by Blank Canvas at all but they are truly my new fave brand of brushes. I now own at least 13 of their range and on Sunday the 5th of Oct I'll be attending the Beauty Show again and have another lot on my list. I will own the entire collection soon haha!

This brush is so soft, it works with all of my powders and the application is always flawless. I haven't lost any hairs from this brush during cleaning and once molded back into it's proper shape, it's perfect each time. With my skin being a little oily as the day goes on, I tend to dab my powder onto my face instead of buffing it on or swiping it on, I find pressing it into the skin sets my face much better.

Another brush that I would have used on a daily basis is the Real Techniques Powder Brush. I have been told by some fab followers that Sam Mc Cauleys have 33% off at the min on that range. Real Techniques are also currently 3 for 2 in Boots. This brush is so big, easy to use and lasts ages.


If you have any suggestions on other powder brushes I'd love to hear about them. Hope you enjoyed tonight's post, next week we'll look at contouring & highlighting.

Emma x

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