Tuesday Brush Series... Loves my blush!!


Hello everyone,

It's so hard to get back into the blogging world when my work life is so manic so bear with me for posts being a little short this week.

Tonight I am here to talk about three current blush brushes of mine. It's a strange one blush brushes, as with my contour brushes, I don't feel I am yet to have a 'go to' brush which I am completely comfortable with so I found this post a little hard but of course I will be honest so let's get to it!

The first brush to talk about is the brush I was using for a long time and that is the Real Techniques blush brush which as you can see it looks huge! I don't use a lot of product at all when using this brush but it's hard because I don't feel I can get that real nice blushed look for nights out. This brush can be found in loads of pharmacies and sometimes you can get real good deals on them especially offers such as 3 for 2 or even 33%  off, this currently retails at €12.99 in Boots.

The second brush I sometimes use is one from my Waverley Academy Coastal Scents set. I like this brush because it's nice and fluffy and when I want just a bit of colour on my cheeks and not any contour or highlight this can be a great brush. I am not sure if you can order these brushes to Ireland, as I said we got this as part of a 12 piece brush set in college and this brush (which I'm guessing is actually a powder brush) is by far my favourite!

My final brush for you ladies is a newbie of mine and it comes from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics site and this beauty is the F14. This brush retails at €13.99. I like this brush as again it's nice and soft but sometimes I worry it's too small to give the look I am trying to create. I am still getting used to this brush so I am in no way ruling it out as yet, I have been testing it out a lot for my day looks as I have been slightly too busy for nights out but I will deffo try bolder blush colours with this brush and showcase what it can do. 

 Brushes are great fun to try because soon enough you'll hold it the right way for you and then create lovely flushed cheeks. I am so excited to head to the beauty show this Sunday with the girlies and I will deffo be looking for more brushes to add to my collection. The amazing Niamh Martin from Nima Brush has just launched (as of yesterday) her new collection so I will be sure to check that out as two lovely ladies Lisa from Pink Sugar Sparkles Blog and Lauren Cleare will be on that stand so I will deffo be popping over to say hi. Of course my Blank Canvas shopping list has grown so there will also be some newbies added to my ever growing collection come Sunday. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog to see what I purchase which I'm hoping is loads!!! Have a great Tuesday ladies xx

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