An evening with Sleek Makeup!


Ladies how are we all today?

Well as many of my followers will know, I love an ould event, the chance to showcase some newbie products, eat some nice treats and spend time with my fellow blogging ladies, I love it! We have been treated to loads of wonderful event from the fab team at The Publicity Loft and one of these was the launch of Sleek Makeup in Ireland.

Now before we all go crazy, this was the official launch, taking it from a few random products per shop/pharmacy to getting full on display stands in stockists in the hope that everywhere will have the latest products and full ranges.


I am a huge Sleek Makeup fan. I started buying it when it arrived at the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy as it was the first full stand I had seen. I went up one afternoon and Grace from Lulu Belle did my makeup for me using all sleek products and I came home having spent almost nothing and getting loads of goodies! Sleek makeup is inexpensive but so effective! I still think the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy is the best stockist in Waterford (although I am not down all the time now)

So the event was held in the Dean hotel in Dublin. I had never been to this venue before but the girls knocked this one out of the park with the set up and the décor. I had a lovely evening, chatting, posing and even had a total fan girl moment when I got to meet Grace from FacesByGrace if you are on snapchat you need to go and follow her, it’s mad you feel you know her already when you meet her. I was so inspired by her 2stone weight loss with slimming world that I joined myself. She is just so happy and healthy I thought no harm joining that band wagon.

Look at how amazing Grace looks x

After the event I sat on the Luas and with great excitement opening my goodie box and wow I was blown away… take a look at this!

The products are just so pretty and yes that helps a lot. I really like the fun and funky packaging Sleek Makeup use.

The eyeshadow palette was the first I’ve tried and I’m really impressed, I used it at a recent hen weekend and it lasted ages, the colours applied really nicely. Out of habit now if I am creating an eye look, I do my eyes first so the fall out (which there wasn’t too much of) didn’t affect my face.  

The little quads are awesome! I haven’t ventured out with the blue one on yet but maybe as the weather picks up I’ll be able to give it a go but having a liner in with shadows was genius.

I was so happy to get the face form in light. I like to use this for freshening up a day time look when I wear makeup to work which isn’t every day anymore, I am trying to give my skin a chance to breath.  I think with the colouring of the contour product it suits my paler skin better as I feel it’s more brown toned than orange and putting the orange contour products on my skin just doesn’t work when I’m pale. I don’t mind when I have tan on as my skin is transformed but for every day I would highly recommend the light shade.

The brow pencils were probably my least favourite just because I felt they made my eyebrows quite hard. I haven’t used them since the hen weekend but I may give it a go again and see do I feel any different now. I don’t mind a ‘set’ feeling to my skin but this was just a little too much for me.

Lip products from Sleek are fantastic, I have a few glosses, balms, pout paints and lipsticks and I love them. The colour is so vibrant and to be fair with this gloss it is not overly sticky. I am more a lipstick person, I don’t like my hair sticking to my lips when it’s down but because this colour is so lovely I have been lashing it on.

The Sleek makeup range will take you from foundation and powder right through to lipsticks and eyeshadows. Now that I have tried a neutral palette, I will deffo seek out more colours from sleek. With the least expensive product being a mascara or lip balm for only €5.49 to a palette containing both eye and cheek products for only €12.99  Sleek Makeup is not to be missed. If you are lucky enough to find  a Sleek stand in a Boots Pharmacy they often do 3 for 2 offers so you will get loads of products for a little cash.

The ladies and I making the Sunday newspaper

Thanks so much for checking out this post and if there’s any sleek palettes you think I should own be sure to let me know!!

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