My Makeup Look by Claire Brookes in Maddens Roscrea


Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I must say I had a lovely time at home in Tramore, chilling by the fire wrapped up in a fleece onesie and a trip into town with my mum for lunch and a look around at the shops…it was so nice to just have nothing on! I have two when weekends over the last three weekends and I have another in Galway this weekend. My liver will hate me so I am trying my best to stay on track with all things healthy during the week and not cause too much damage.

The second hen weekend I attended started off in Roscrea Co. Tipperary and it was excellent. Once again I met an amazing group of girls I had never met before (as I only know the bride) and had an excellent time. I had been sick during the week after the 1st hen with a really nasty headcold and although it caught up on me when it poured rain on the Saturday night, the one thing I didn't have to worry about was my makeup.

Pic from Facebook

Early on Saturday morning myself and Arlene (the bride) headed into Maddens Pharmacy in Roscrea for Arlene to get her makeup done. We had already been in the hairdressers since 8am getting stunning blow-dries and although my hair was stunning, really big volume and lose curls, I ran into the car and it all fell out thanks to the bloody rain. We paid €50 for two styles and only got one, I was not impressed. We had booked Arlene in to get her makeup done with Claire Brookes, one of the MUA’s based in Maddens. 

Makeup by Claire Brooke's Facebook Profiler

Only due to time constraints, I left Arlene in Claire’s capable hands and went off to start my own makeup. I had my brows on and got a call from Arlene to head back to Maddens that Claire had time to do my makeup before we left on the bus. I was delighted!!

I have followed Claire for ages and love her makeup style, it’s such a wonderful opportunity to get to meet someone you follow and have them work on your face. I have recently put up a status on the blog that I would love to get more makeup looks done so I can have a fab profile pic on the blog because I really feel my phone just doesn't do a look justice. Thankfully Claire knows her salon and her lighting so I have stolen her pic as it really shows off the look.

Excuse the fleece but I was trying not to get sick again 
(my poor hair had totally fallen down)

I loved the makeup look, I wanted something smokey and sultry and that would last the day. Myself and Claire chatted the whole time about makeup we loved, brands I haven't tried, using the powder foundation from Fuschia in another way….it was excellent!!

The pharmacy hosts a range of makeup stands including our beloved NYX stand but as usual no Mauve liner to be found, I don't think I'll ever get my hands on that so please if you have one near you let me know! The two main brands for makeup in the shop are Clarins and Fuschia. I am not a huge Clarins lady and for no other reason that I just don’t think of it when buying makeup. Fuschia is of course a brand I know all too well and I really like to top off my foundation with a layer of their powder foundation in Fawn at the min to give my skin a little glow without the dreaded shine. I picked up a sample pot at the beauty show back in March and I am almost out so I'll be needing another one very soon. I just love the finish for my skin so it’s good to know Claire loves it too.

My lashes on the day were individuals and had been applied the night before in Arlene’s by the lovely Siobhan. We had a great time in the house with all the girls and poor Siobhan had to tint brows, wax them and then had at least five sets of individual lashes to put on, it was a very late night for us all. It was a great treat to have all the girlies together, sipping champagne and having the chats while getting beautified in the house. It also saved myself and Claire some time on the Sat and she made my look dramatic to match the lashes.

Judy, Arlene our bride and Sioban our lash queen!

We went with a nude lip colour for during the day and I added a little more liner and Candy Yum Yum from MAC for my night-time outfit. We had all been wearing black and pink during the day so I wanted the theme to carry into the night.

Queen of the snapchat selfies from Night back to Day

I would highly recommend booking in with Claire if you are around the Roscrea area. She is super talented and even better than just having talent she has a real passion for doing makeup. She just loves it and you can tell as she works on your face, her priority is for you to look your best.

Booking your makeup in Maddens is a great way to treat yourself, not only to a fab makeup look but also to treat yourself. Makeup applications cost €20 and you can then redeem this against Clarins or Fuschia makeup. Be sure to give them a call on 0505 21058 and check them out on Facebook HERE.

Thanks so much to Claire for a fantastic morning of chats and for the stunning makeup look, I really did love it and if anyone has me on snapchat @emmajcs you will have seen it was selfie central at that hen. Bring on the madness of Galway again this week!

Be sure to check out all Claire’s social media and give her a like & follow:

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