Ealu Naas- A facial from Glo Therapeutics


Located in the Centre of Naas

Last week I had the wonderful treat of a facial in a Spa close to work in Naas called Ealu. Ealu is located centrally in Naas with loads of underground parking or lucky for me I got a space on the main street which is cheaper again. I was sent a voucher for this lovely treat from SkinLogics, another Kildare based company who stock Glo Therapeutics and Glo Minerals, I have blogged about products from both the skincare and the makeup lines before, all really positive. 

Glo Minerals Makeup is stunning 

I am a big fan of this brand so I was really excited to get a facial from a salon expert. I booked in after work on Friday and was met by Sarah. She took me up to the treatment room which had a lovely blast of heat. It was super cosy so I got ready for Sarah to have a look at my skin. I had some makeup on so after a double cleanse, Sarah was able to tell me I had slightly dehydrated skin along my forehead, she could see where my spots had been playing up (it’s mostly on my chin but it’s also the time of the month for me so they really flared up) She said that my skin looked ok as I explained I had been using specific products to target breakouts in recent months. I felt that these products may have been a little too strong on my skin and was now worried I had caused some damage. Sarah said she would take care with my skin and give it a nice little pamper while treating some of the issues it has. 

Too cosy to care (my poor spots)

I loved the treatment. Sarah asked me if I wanted to talk through what she was using as she used it but I opted for a nice relaxing time instead. I was completely able to zone out while I was there, the room as I said was lovely and cosy, I was all wrapped up and then using the steamer machine at the start on my face and then the hand, arm, neck and chest massage I got while my cucumber mask was on, it was just beautiful! I felt so relaxed, my skin had a wonderful glow on it afterwards and I had complete forgotten I was in a salon in the middle of a busy traffic town on a Friday evening. 

Apologies for the crappy shot, I took a video and not a picture :(

Ealu is decorated beautifully, warm and welcoming and the staff team are lovely. After my facial, Sarah brought me in some water and gave me a few mins to redress and sort myself out. While I was getting changed, she was getting my skin consultation card ready with all the products she felt would best suit my skin. I had the list ready to go so it is definitely something I will look to completely in the coming months. It's good to note that Glo Therapeutics is an expensive brand but you get a huge amount of product in each bottle so it's well worth the money in the long run. With all my hens and now the two upcoming weddings, I cannot complete my whole face list straight away. 

I really liked my time with Sarah in Ealu, I love the brand so it was a special treat to get. I am also a total sucker for when you are getting a facial and you also get a little massage with it, I would let someone work the knots out of my shoulders any day, I seem to be carrying a lot of stress tension in my shoulders at the min so if anyone wants to offer to sort my back/shoulders out I am all yours!! You can check Ealu out on Facebook HERE and thanks again to SkinLogics for hooking me up.

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