W7 Cosmetics Ireland- Spring Summer Collection


Happy Monday everybody :)

I am so excited to bring you today's post...A few weeks back I received a brilliant parcel from W7 Cosmetics Ireland and couldn't wait to get playing with them and show you their newbie products. First off I love packaging and these were wrapped up so pretty it took me ages to even open them!


So what was in this wonderful package and what do I think? Keep on reading...

In The City-Natural Nude Eye Colour Palette: This was the first new item I tried from my bundle of goodies from W7. I really liked the colours, I used them over a recent hen weekend and created a really soft day look and then turned it into a smokey look for the evening. This palette is such good value at only €5.95 and I would totally recommend this if you are starting out in makeup and want something easy to use. I think it’s great that w7 bring out products like this that anyone can use and a makeup bag friendly. With only 6 colours in the palette you could think you were limited but not at all, this palette is not too far removed from the Naked basics (which I don’t own but have seen) and I think it’s a perfect buy for yourself or for someone else who maybe wants to start challenging themselves with eye looks.

Hollywood-Bronze & Glow: So just to start with this product, I have heard it being compared to the Charlotte Tilbury duo but again I do not own this product nor have I seen it to test it out so I am not saying this is a ‘dupe’ you need to buy. Just because something looks similar doesn’t mean it will work the same. There are tonnes of ‘dupes’ being thrown around at the min so I don’t want to say something that I can’t 100% stand behind. In saying that, this is a great contour/highlight duo for my pale days. The contour powder is more of a brown tone than an orange tone which suits my skin better. The highlighter is subtle which again against my pale skin works better than lashing on loads of sparkle and I just feel paler. At the price point of €4.95 it’s so hard not to tell you to go and buy everything! I have tried this product while wearing my darker foundation but I don’t like it as much then. To me, tanned makeup means orangey brown contour and sparkly highlighter but I am happy to have this duo in my day makeup bag all the time. 

Hide & Seek- Concealer Quad: This I was fascinated to try out. I have only recently started using the Isadora colour quad which to be fair looks the exact same as this product but costs more. This quad retails at €2.95 and is brilliant! Concealing and covering can be difficult to remember to do in the mornings; I am so bad some mornings and then wonder why I look so haggard by lunchtime. I do however use these products lightly, I feel you need to be careful what you put under your eyes so it doesn’t settle in any of those fine lines and make you look worse but I love this quad for covering any blemishes I may have on the day. I apply these products after my primer and before my foundation. This product also comes in three different colourings so for only €2.95 you can have you skin base perfect for any foundation.

In the Night- Up in Smoke Smokey Shades Eyeshadow Palette: This is the second palette I have from w7 which they now have loads of. When I reviewed this the last time, again there was a lot of talk as them being the same as the naked palettes and again guys please just bear in mind the price point. I genuinely really like w7 cosmetics but you cannot really expect the exact same product pay off from a high end brand. This palette retails at €9.95 and is has cream to black colour layout. I have swatched it here in the post with both the flash on and off and you can see the colour quite clearly. I think using a good base such as the Inglot shadow base or the urban decay eyeshadow base really helps these shadows. I also feel the shadows work much better on the eye instead of on my arm.  

Neon Nights- Electric Eye Palette: Oh when this was in the box I was delighted!! I hadn’t seen this palette before at all but of course I am well aware of the Urban Decay Electric palette but just don’t feel I have enough skill to pay over €40 for that and possibly not use it. Bring on the Neon Nights palette, delighted that tis retails for €9.95 the colours are super shocking; come out really well with or without flash and to be fair look amazing on the eye. I have attempted a couple of looks but haven’t ventured out with them on but once I feel more comfortable with my blending I’ll deffo be wearing them out and about. It’s funny the stronger the colour the more panicked I become with blending them. I think for the summer, for upcoming festivals and all in between you need to pick up this bad boy for only €9.95 so technically when things are under a tenner, it’s almost free haha!

Extra Extra Mascara: Now…with all the excitement and liking of all the goodies, there is one that just wasn’t for me! This mascara applies really well but comes off like a disaster, for me I looked like something out of a zombie film when trying to wash it off. I did use this a lot during the day and any touching of the eye area lead to smudges. I’m not a mascara snob by any means, I actually don't overly invest in mascara because when I go out I always wear lashes so a little mascara just to stick my own and the falsies together is all I need. For a daytime look I just need it to be set on my lashes and not move and unfortunately this doesn't cope well with my midday touching of the eyes. To be fair to the mascara, the application wand is really easy to use, it’s super soft on the lashes (no pulling or hurting them) and for the value it’s not really a big mistake if this doesn't work out for you too. I'd love to know if some of you have tried this and loved it because at the end of the day it could be my eyes that are the problem haha!

So there you have it loads of new goodies from W7 Cosmetics. This budget brand strives to bring you some fantastic treats at a fraction of their high-end counter parts costings so I would highly recommend trying out the brand to all makeup lovers. What’s your favourite W7 product? Tell me what I need to get my hands on next. Happy Monday xx

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