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Evening ladies,

How was your bank holiday weekend? Fun I hope! I had a fantastic weekend thanks to Arlene and her wonderful Hen Party in Galway. Needless to say, thanks to my awful head cold from last week I wasn't 100% better but I was sure to give it my best shot...and I did!! Still pretty tired now but hey that's what being a trooper is all about.

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So I'm now a week and a half into my new hair do thanks to Lisa and her fab team in Zinc Hair & Beauty. The salon is based in Kilmainham and I arrived at 5pm on a Thursday evening and it was packed. The salon literally did not stop and was still busy as I left at 8pm. 3 hours and loads of chats later, I had a new style and colour.

I have left this post a little longer than normal as I hadn't had my hair coloured/cut in months I wanted to see how my colour was lasting and how the styling of my new hair was doing. I am so happy with my hair and anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a year will know that this time last year all the trouble started with my hair, I went to a salon (which I still wont name) and had my hair ruined by a staff member. The manager was no help at the time and as a paying customer there is absolutely no way I was going back there. I don't like to slate a business, everyone has money to make but this was a clear mistake made on my hair and their support/aftercare was non existent so I was left with horrible hair having paid a serious amount of money. Anyway, the moral of the 3 hair disasters last year was, I am not meant to be an all over blonde, not now, not ever. I am a brunette, dark haired lady and I quite like my hair long and thick. I am lucky to have thick hair so I like it to look like it's in good condition.

Before letting anyone touch my hair this time, I actually went for 5 hair consultations, yep you heard me...5!! I was so scared, I could see my hair was broken at the ends, losing colour and that in the light I actually had 4 different shades in my hair, this was no good to me. I had accepted I would need a few inches off and Lisa was 100% my best option. She took her time looking at my hair, tlked me through all she would do and gave me an excellent price, I felt so comfortable with her that I booked my app two weeks after I met her to give me more time to arrange my work timetable and also to start cleansing my hair with head and shoulders. On the day of the consultation we discussed colours and what I'd like to see in my hair. I had asked Lisa if it was possible to add some tones to my hair as I didn't want a flat colour. Lisa explained they can add 'shimmers' in their salon, shimmers are the same as highlights but more sparse so it's not like a full or half head. I loved this idea and couldn't wait to come back.

Prepped for business

So we began with my all over colour and chose a chocolate brown and then for the shimmers, a lighter brown colour. I didn't want blonde or too much red into my hair, I liked the brown tones and felt this would really help with the look of my hair as I needed a good chop to get rid of all the bad hair.

I am so happy, you can see how healthy it now looks

In Lisa's salon you can also get this amazing product into your hair while you get your 
colour done, it's called Olaplex it's going to take Ireland by storm as it can actually protect 
your hair while bleach is being added to it. It helps prevent your hair from breaking and this is something anyone who colours their hair wants to hear. This is going to be launched in a lot of salons in the coming months but if you want your hair really looked after then you need to visit Zinc.

Cuteness of the cup!

Sometimes it's the small things that get you to love a place and trust it when it comes to future appointments. The fact that the salon was constantly busy with both hair and beauty customers was a great sign, the team of staff are so lovely, full of chats and everyone wants to be sure you are comfotable, enjoying your treatments and stocked up on tea and little biscuits. I also loved the decor in the salon, it's fun and funky and the massage chair at the basin was just brilliant while my toner was in. Lisa herself is an absolute pro, she has years of experience and two of my blogging ladies had referred the salon to me and I am so glad I listened to them.

My hair is still looking great, since getting the bad ends cut off, it looks and feels much healthier. Lisa very kindly gifted me the Moroccan Oil Starter pack which retails at €28. It has worked wonders on my hair. Lisa stocks all the Moroccan Oil in the salon and having seen how good it is in my hair, I will be keeping up with this brand so long as my purse allows it :) I am booked in again for June 6th and I think I am going to stick with my base colour or maybe a little lighter and I am deffo adding loads more shimmers. I keep pinning my hair back to show off the wonderful tones it now has in it.

If you have any questions or want to book yourself in for a treatment/consultation then head over to Zinc Hair & Beauty on Facebook HERE

Thanks again to Lisa for my lovely hair and I look forward to seeing you again on the 6th.

*This post was not sponsored, I was a paying customer in Zinc Hair & Beauty.*

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