SkinLogic Spa Naas- A Grand Re-Opening


Hello lovelies...

My last week in work was marked with a visit to SkinLogic salon in Naas formally Ealu Spa. I had been to Ealu before for a facial and you can read all about it HERE. Skinlogics is a brand that regular followers to this blog will know of, as I just love Glo Minerals and Glo Therapeutics products. Unfortunately my week had been so busy I missed the relaunch night the salon had so I popped along on my last day in work to check out the place and to show you all what it's like.

I have written a couple of posts on this brand which you can also read HERE and HERE and two more HERE and HERE.

Skinlogic Spa is such a lovely place to go to for some ‘you time’. There in underground parking available which is really helpful in a busy town like nice but when you enter the spa it is literally like you are in the middle of nowhere. They play that lovely tranquil spa music, the lighting is soft and the smell is just devine! 

Just look at all those beautiful products

The entrance way is a clear indicator for the brands that the salon uses which are Glo Minerals for makeup, Glo Therapeutics for skincare and Tan Organic for tanning. Not only does the spa cater to all your basic beauty needs but they also have specialised treatments which makes the salon even more exclusive.

I visited the salon on a busy Friday afternoon and was given the tour by Sarah, who was actually my therapist the day I went for my facial. She showed me around the other treatment room I hadn’t been in, she showed me the floatation bath, the relaxation room and the new treatment room.

The place is spotless and smells wonderful, it's super cosy too

If I was still to be working close to Naas it is certainly a spa I would visit. On any occasion I have been in there, the staff are lovely and extremely helpful, the vibe is pure relaxation and the treatments are very cost effective. 

If you are someone who hasn’t tried any of the Glo Therapuetics or Go Minerals range than I really suggest you do. It is a real treat as it can seem slightly expensive but the products are so rich you really only need a little at a time and a little goes a long way. I am now using the products Sarah suggested for me on my last visit and I love them, the scent alone is what drags me to them every morning a serious nasal treat first thing in the day.

I found that the support I was given with dealing with my skin was really good. It's hard when your skin doesn't feel 100%, it can really knock your confidence so both Sarah and the team at Skinlogics have been excellent at helping me out with looking after my skin. Sarah very kindly had a goodie bag ready for me from the night before so it was an extra special little treat. If you would like to visit the Skinlogic spa then be sure to look them up on Facebook and get in touch to see what fab weekly offers they have in store for you. 

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