An Evening with Lush Cosmetics


Hello Lovelies,

Let’s just kick this off as is needed…Who loves Lush Cosmetics?? Me!!!!!

I was so excited to receive my very first invite to a Lush store event in the Lush Grafton Street Store on Wednesday. It was a summer event (yeah a little late but these things happen) and I couldn’t wait to get inside and fill my senses with the amazing new and existing products.

The prettiness of it all...

Before we go any further my greatest love from Lush is Snow Fairy, it’s a pink glittering showergel and bath bomb that I stock up on every Christmas , I usually buy one for myself, get on as a gift and buy more in the January sales if there’s ever any left…I love Snow Fairy!!

My last little bottle :(

I was only telling another fab blogger Miss Aisling from Total Makeup Addict on Wednesday night that is has become my ‘night out’ shower gel. It’s funny, I don’t mind tanning (of course I don’t I’m super pale) but Snow Fairy has become part of my routine, it’s just so sweet and girly it’s perfect for that girly prep!

So what happened Wednesday…well I arrived late! Raging, I hate being late but thankfully there were plenty of staff on hand to introduce us to the new products and to show us around the store. Myself and Elaine from RubyLaine met a lovely staff member (and yes I forgot to ask her name) who took us through the new products including the Comforter range. I had to buy the bath bomb as it smells so like Ribena I had to have it! It’s the closest sweet scent to Snow Fairy I’ve smelled in ages but John (staff member who’s name I did hear) was on hand to reassure me Snow Fairy would be in for Christmas and if I was lucky enough to be in London before Christmas, the Oxford Street store is selling litre bottles of Snow Fairy…Imagine a whole litre of that lovely goodness.

Bathtime loveliness

We stood and talked for ages, sniffing all the new scents, then we were brought through the face products, these are not something I have tried before from Lush as I stick to body care with then but it’s something I think when my current stash is used up I’d like to invest in. There are stickers on the packaging that you can see when your face product was made and some of the use by dates were quite quick so I’ll need to use up my own stuff first as I’d hate to waste it sitting on the bathroom shelf and then going out of date.
Here are a couple of Pics of Products suggested for me and my Oily/Combo skin.

There were treats to be had on the night and the fizzy apple juice I had was just lovely, I was trying to avoid the chocolates but the crisps got me as always. I just love being in Lush, it’s a real happy place for me, of course I could buy all around me so I have started to make a Christmas wishlist already (plan ahead people, plan ahead) We also spoke to John about the upcoming Halloween products and anyone that follows RubyLaine will know she loves Halloween so we promised to get back in as soon as the products are out and see what's on offer!

I had a really great time at Lush last Wednesday, it was a super evening, Grafton street staff were so lovely, they really know their products the expertise is fantastic. I can't wait to get back in early Oct and see what's in store. We were spoiled rotten by Lush as we left, and I was super happy to see another bath bomb as I am a bath queen in my apartment. If you don't have a Lush near you then treat yourself if you're in Cork or Dublin, the scent alone will drag you in off the street anyway but it's a good price point, if you're unsure what to buy, ask the staff they are always there to help and really know their stuff. My suggestion to anyone who hasn't shopped in lush and has a bath at home is try a bomb, you can use it all in one go or like me break it up and you'll get bubbles for at least 4 baths and for less than €5 for most of them that's pretty cool!!!

Our beautiful goodies...Thanks Lush xx

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