An Open Letter to the Blogger Bashing Keyboard Warriors


Good evening folks...

Whether you are a follower of or not you may have seen some well known bloggers taking to their social media accounts and somehow explain this situation....Blogger bashing going on in relation to Snapchat. A discussion took place (which was rightly so.. CLOSED) and it went from people expressing opinions on the use of snapchat to blatant insults directed at named people.

Well I don’t use snapchat really, when I think of it I do, I never create videos and I barely remember to do it weekly let alone daily but...My thoughts on that discussion are F*CK that!!

I blog because I LOVE makeup and beauty products so excuse me if a company post something to me and I happen to like it. By loving makeup and beauty products it is extremely rare I won’t like something, it’s like green sweets I always like them, whether they are lime flavoured or apple I will always pick out the green one but it doesn’t matter if it’s a skittle, a jellybean or a wine gum I will like it!! So if you’re looking for me to slate something then chances are you won’t see it on my blog. If I break out in a horrible rash or my nails fall off from a polish then fair enough I’ll say stay away and protect your life but Jesus Christ I (like many other bloggers but I will only speak here for myself) am a huge fan so I like lots of things. I won’t bash a’ll never hear ‘that’s absolute muck lads stay away’ I am not that kinda blogger, I treat my blog although a hobby for me like a professional piece I work on, I don’t slate, bash or beat down on products, brands or people!

I am not one to rant, well not about blogging, don’t get me started on the bitching I do about life to my mother...usually I don’t give enough of a shit to care but f*ck me I’m a 28 year old woman who believe it or not would absolutely curl up in a ball and cry if someone took to an online form and slated something such as my accent or how I look, I am not a dart board target for you to fire your dart insults are...bollix to that!

 If you don’t like my blog (Mastering Your’s epic follow me) then don’t come near it, if you think I’m full of shit, then avoid my page, if you think I haven’t a clue what I’m talking my little sisters would say, JOG ON!! I am very lucky to have a small, supportive audience, I had one negative experience to date in the almost two years I am blogging where my eyebrows became a target and for an hour I was sad, I told my mum and she snapped me into reality and that was it done. I didn’t put it up on my blog but I was hurt and then..I moved on. That’s easy for me to do, she didn’t think I needed as much brow product (hardly a f*ckin insult) but she didn’t slate my accent or say I was too self important or that I was boring, that shit would have crushed me!

Who gives anyone the right to make shit of others (you’ll notice my *’s are gone because I’m rightly pissed)  Bloggers are people, people with feelings, thoughts, dreams and bloody insecurities. They’re not machines so give it a rest!

I support every blogger no matter what category they fall into, beauty, parenting, travel, food, fitness and all the rest. I work full time in a career nothing to do with beauty so I fit blogging in when I can, I am not 100% committed to my blog like others, I will be completely honest...I cannot keep up. I am forever buying makeup and beauty treats, I also do receive some beautiful products from companies and sometimes am so overwhelmed by it all it can takes weeks for me to write a review. A review I post will always be honest, I will try give you as much detail as possible, most importantly to me, my opinion. I have never once been paid to write a review and that’s why you will never see such a statement on my blog. To this date I have never charged for a blogpost, I have never sent a directive to companies saying I am now a charging blogger, I am not at that point and I don’t know if I ever will be. I pay to get my hair done, I pay to get my nails done, I buy a lot of my makeup myself but I do feel obliged to get the posts up about the products sent to me sometimes before my own purchases as I feel I will always have them.
By the way..blogging isn’t bloody easy!! You don’t just have your blog post to write, you have to share it to facebook, to twitter, pics to instagram, pics to snapchat, answer emails, interact with your followers, share press releases, build positive relationships with companies...and all this outside a full time career...give us a bloody break!

My blog is my passion, learning is my passion, if and this is a big IF I was loaded (winning the euro millions) and my life could be spent forever training in makeup and beauty courses I would be one very happy lady, but that’s not realistic for me. I have bills, I also have a boyfriend who’s a bit anti-social media to be honest and a family I’d never dare put on my blog. My blog is about my learning into makeup and beauty, my discovery of new products, my love of the good oldies and the lucky opportunities I have to attend events or meet makeup artists and other bloggers. For me, I do not choose to live my daily life on my blog, I keep my personal life personal and that is my choice but I am not ok, not a single bit ok with people slagging of bloggers who choose differently from me.

Some people charge...Some don’t.
Some people blog full time (it’s their job)...Some don’t.
Some people make videos on snapchat...Some don’t.
Some post about beauty..Some don’t.
Some post about fitness...Some don’t.
Some post about travel...Some don’t.
Some post about their other halves and children..Some don’t.

Everyone single one of them have...a heart, feelings, emotions, good days and bad day.
You...Do not have the right to hurt them...or me!!

Take what you will from this post....I am so sick of bloggers being attacked online by these keyboard warriors, as I said before, if you don’t like people for one reason or another...unfollow them don’t be hurtful, unkind, rude or just pure nasty!! 

I am a blogger and I support all other bloggers, I will share their pages, like their posts, retweet their goings on, comment on their instagram and sometimes I’ll even snap them (if I remember to go onto that bloody app) I am a blogger lover and if there’s anyone out there who’s been hurt by that vicious forum then I am sending you huge hugs and love virtually!!!!!

Have Courage and Be Kind xxx

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