My Makeover with Glamour Puss Makeup Waterford


Evening Ladies,

So tonight I want to write and tell you all about the wonderful makeover I received at the weekend. I was so delighted to be invited by Gail who owns Glamour Puss Makeup to get my face all prettified for the weekend. I was so excited, I just love getting my makeup done, I would happily sit each and every day and let someone play with my face. 

Gail had asked me if I had any suggestion on what I would like and so I took to YouTube to have a look at Jaclyn Hill, someone I had tried to look at before but I never really got into but then I stumbled across this Ombre Sunset Smokey Eye and I loved it!! You can watch the video HERE

I was really excited to meet another local MUA, I have been very lucky to have had my makeup done by so many wonderful Waterford based MUA's and as I had a night out planned for Saturday this was the perfect opportunity for some glamour.

I really have to be honest here, I was no expecting Gail's studio to look as it did, I don't know what I had pictured in my head but the actual studio blew me away!! It is so cute, it's got the most amazing pink chair in the corner that I would love to have in my own house, a personalised wall and not only a makeup station but a nail station as well, you need to see it to believe it so have a look at my pics but be sure to head over to the Facebook page as Gail posted a little video showing the whole room off.

Such a beautiful studio

When I get my makeup done I am an absolute talker so I had loads of questions for Gail like her favourite makeup, what she loves about makeup, how she got into it and she has such a similar taste to me. She loves Makeup Geek shadows which are amazing value and really high quality. Gail has also invested time in building MAC eyeshadow palettes which I really must start doing (can you believe I only own 4 shadows) so that's next on my plan and Coppering is one shade I need to have! This was used on my look in the middle of my lid an amazing colour. Gail has always had a passion for makeup and not only has she become qualified in Makeup and Nails but she regularly attends masterclasses and has attended these with the likes of Kate McCormack and Martha Ryan, two MUA's I always follow.Gail's kit is such good quality she uses only the best for her clients and has a huge range of MAC and Estee Lauder foundations.

So onto my look, I never look at myself until the MUA is totally happy that the look is finished, although I had sent Gail the video, it was really only a guide as to the type of look I wanted but I was blown away when I saw the end result. I have absolutely no shame in before and after pictures, I think if you really want to see the power to good makeup then a before on me is essential.

Granted I should have smiled in the first picture, you can clearly see the eye makeup helps my blue in my eyes pop, a darker foundation always makes me look better, healthier even, I really don't enjoy being pale and then we have to look at the brows, they just look amazing!!!

I was so thrilled with my result from Gail, anyone who follows me on Snapchat @emmajcs will see I was all over that with selfies on Saturday I even posted a small video just to show off the eyes (very Kylie Jenner inspired I felt like an eegit) I loved everything about the look and I can safely say it stayed in place until I took it off at 3am having had a super night in town.

It really did look like a sunset

Thanks to Gail for the collage

100% I would recommend you book in with Gail, this look totally speaks for itself so you don't need me to harp on at you. There is loads of parking where the studio is based, it's close to town, Gail is extremely open to doing a look you bring with you although let's be real ladies, I chose a girl who looked some way similar to me, she has blue eyes, quite pale before makeup and a red tone to her hair so that made it much easier, we cannot all be Kim K!!

I would really love if you would head over to Facebook and check out Glamour Puss Makeup which I have linked at the top of this post and also check her out in Instagram @glamourpussmakeup_gail 

Amazing shot of Gail 

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