The Battle of the Night Creams


Happy Friday folks!

Night creams…Do we need them? I remember a couple of years ago I’d never wear a night cream, now don’t get me wrong my makeup was always taken off and I might lash on a bit of moisturiser but I was never very good at keeping a skincare routine. It’s the same at the moment I am in a bit of a routine but I know for sure it could be so much better. It’s not that I don’t care about my skin, of course I do but there’s just not enough time in the day to do all the beauty things I want and still either be on time for work or get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I must however state the hours I spend on social media really eat into my beauty time, do you ever find that you sit down for ‘a minute’ and next thing nearly an hour has passed because you were too busy checking snapchat, creeping on Facebook and druelling over pictures on Instagram…No? Just me then!

One thing I have been doing religiously over the last few months though is using a night cream, three actually so today I want to talk about them and let you know my thoughts on what I’ve been using.
So the three in question for today are The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask, Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep and Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial.

Here is some of the info on all three products:

Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask:

“Discover our new Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask, enriched with Edelweiss stem cells. Designed to be left on overnight, it leaves skin looking bouncier and feeling replenished
Youth-enhancing formula for bouncier-looking skin
Unique bouncy, memory shape texture
With Edelweiss stem cells”

A 90ml tub costs around €25

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep:

“In response to an ever increasing problem, VICHY has created IDEALIA SKIN SLEEP, the first night product clinically proven to stimulate all the skin’s deep sleep mechanisms, to ensure no matter how many hours sleep you have the skins nightly functions will remain at their optimum.
All these actives combine in a comforting gel-balm texture providing the richness of a balm with the freshness of a gel, offering a highly sensorial experience, even for those with sensitive skin. IDEALIA SKIN SLEEP is the perfect choice for those looking for their first anti-ageing night cream to ensure they awake with ideal skin, those who suffer from poor sleep patterns, work late shifts or who travel frequently crossing worldwide time-zones. IDEALIA SKIN SLEEP also has a proven relaxing effect promoting deep sleep due to the unique green tea and jasmine fragrance. After 4 weeks 73% of women felt more relaxed before going to sleep.”

A 50ml tub of this costs €28

Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial:

“Dreaming of renewed and radiant skin? REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial delivers a full-on facial while you sleep, working overnight to leave skin visibly brighter, more luminous, refined and even-toned by morning.
Just smooth it on before bedtime and let the transforming serum begin its three-phase treatment while you drift off to sleep. First step, just like a salon facial, is exfoliation. Tropical fruit acids gently encourage natural exfoliation to leave the skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.
When exfoliation is complete, a complex of minerals and sugars helps energise the skin; just like the massage step of a facial, while omega oils boost the skin’s natural healing process to repair and soothe.
Finally, before you wake, an extract of yeast fermentation works to raise the skin’s pH back to its optimum level, drawing in moisture to leave the skin hydrated and plumped.”

A 40ml tube of this costs €40

So now onto what I liked and didn't like so let's start with money...easily the winner in the value for money section has to be The Body Shop product for sheer volume of a 90ml tub for only €25. I had been using this for weeks and still you cannot tell that I have taken anything out of the tub, it's like magic it's a really jelly like consistency so it kind of blobs out onto your fingers, it's weird absolutely but literally isn't disappearing on me at all so that totally wins the value prize.

The next point has to be the smell, I am not funny about smells on my face as sometimes the more natural the product the not so nice the smell but in comparing these three quite high in products, I have to say Vichy Skin Sleep wins this one. I can't help but love the skin sleep because it's pink but I am being critical here and the scent in the Vichy is a little nicer than The Body Shop but a hell of a lot nicer than the Ren Wake Wonderful Facial, that scent just isn't that nice in my opinion at all.

I am struggling a little with the Ren product I have to say and that's not really like me, I have used the REN Beauty Shot to death and absolutely love it, I also have a Moroccan Body Oil which is nearly all gone but I can't seem to love this night cream as much as those other products. I will however give the REN Wake Wonderful Facial the prize for the best travel friendly product. I know I am thrilled with the tub of The Body Shop cream for value sake but it's very hard to bring anywhere, a 90ml of anything is quite hard to bring anywhere so I do like that the REN bottle is a pump bottle so it's less messy to use as with The Body Shop, the Vichy Skin Sleep is a pot so you have to stick your fingers into it and it does have a little weight to it so REN wins out on the handiness factor here.

In my opinion, all three of these products were nice when put on, a little sticky and a little tight feeling but all three really showed to be working on the skin. Sleeping wasn't an issue but with all three I do feel you need to be up just a little while longer to let the product start to sink into the skin as all will have you sticking to your pillow if you jump straight in. In the mornings I was left with a clean fresh feeling from all products so I believe in this instance none of the products are bad or get the thumbs down from me but I feel from a repurchase point of view I would happily buy the Vichy Skin Sleep again and probably The Body Shop bouncy mask if I ever manage to run out of it that is.

If you have any questions on these products I'd love to hear from you or if you have tried any of the above Night Creams then how did you get on?

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