Eyelure Lashes- 4 new styles for me to try!


Hello lovely ladies,

I love eyelashes! I mean obsessed in the sense that if it's an occasion or a night out I WILL have lashes on, I almost feel naked without them on for a night out... Now that may sound obsessive but I'm pretty good with them. With good care and good glue, I usually get a few wears out of lashes 3-4 depending on what looks I wore them with (sometimes more mascara and shadows can make them look grubby earlier)

Back in July... July I know ages ago but it just shows you how good I am with lashes, I was gifted 4 new styles of the Eylure lashes and I was super excited to try these.

 I have been testing them out with a number of looks so I wanted to do a quick showcase of how these lashes look on. All Eylure lashes come with an information leaflet and also a small pot of lash glue but out of habit I always use the white Duo Glue but previous to this I have used Eylure glue and I always found it very good. The lashes are extremely easy to remove from the packaging and once they are handle gently as I said earlier you can get 3-4 uses out of each pack.

The 1st set to show you are the 202 Dramatic lashes...

This look was for a recent family event. The lashes look like they have two layers so we seriously long (I think my uncle actually called them brushes!) but I was wearing quite an elaborate dress so I wanted my look to focus on brows,lashes and lips. This isn’t a typical look for me but I placed a cream base shadow and a sort brown into the crease and placed the lashes on then. Unfortunately I took the pic at the end of the night so this is actually a selfie at 2am but the lashes lasted perfectly all night and even with being heavier than usual, they didn’t budge at all! Great shout for anyone who wants a seriously dramatic eye look. 

Next up this look was created with the 107 Volume lashes...

Yes I know… what a beautiful eye look ;)  I think this is possibly my most favoured look I have ever created on myself! Its part of my rainbow colour challenge with Ruby Laine and I spent ages creating this blue glitter look. The lashes were a perfect match to the style of look I was creating. I had been waiting to use these for a look just like this and I’m torn between these and one other style as being my favourite that I can see myself constantly having in the drawer for nights out and events when I want to look very glam. I love how fanned out they are and the band is nice and thin so again very comfortable on the eyes.

The third look I created with the 155 Lengthening lashes...

This is a very poser pic of myself but I love it!! Some of you may have seen the pic before, this again was part of the rainbow challenge and used for my brown look. These are other lashes I am in love with. So fluttery, look really well with any eye look (I also used them with a vintage themed day) Eylure have to be the most comfortable lashes to wear, they stick to your lashes perfectly, you don’t need much if any liner for blending them to your lash line and they can deffo be reused. I really like these ones!!

My final look is using the 117 Texture lashes...

This crazy pink look was my look created for October’s breast cancer awareness Paint it Pink campaign. I posted my look and then donated to the cause because at the end of the day the makeup is the easy bit we have to be sure people also donate so please during Oct paint yourself pink in some way and donate to the amazing cause. It’s so hard to choose only one of these styles from Eylure which is my fave because again I loved these lashes, I still have them ready to wear out again but I think for me I’ll be looking for any 3 for 2 deals on the lashes and buying them all!!

Eylure Lashes are widely available nationwide. I would usually buy them in Boots, Sam Mc Cauleys but most big chemists will stock them. I have been wearing Eylure lashes for years as I was a huge fan of the Girls Aloud lashes, they also have Halloween lashes currently in stock. You will find lashes to suit all occasions so don’t be afraid to try them. I think as a brand they are fantastic and I was delighted to have tried some of the new styles. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through Facebook or email emmajosephinesheehan@gmail.com

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