Tuesday Brush Series... Highlighting, my favourite part!!


Happy Tuesday ladies…

So this week on the brush series I am going to look at my fave highlighting brushes.
I love highlighter! I think it can set off any look and make you look spectacular and for me, the brighter, the better. Just as a side note my fave highlighters to wear on a night out are… MAC Soft & Gentle, Inglot Sparkle Dust no.2 and Urban Decay Shimmer Block (this is so glittery it’s my go to at Christmas)

I don't tend to wear a strong highlight when I have my paler skin look going on but I am going to try out more liquid based highlighters for that look as I recently watched a youtube tutorial on vintage makeup and the girl had beautiful pale skin and used Benefits High Beam, I have a small jar of this from a set I got but also the Mememe Liquid Highlighters would be perfect 

So onto the brushes, this little beauty I got years ago in a beauty box by no.7 one Christmas. I thought the set was fab but the makeup was contained in a drawer in the box so I never really used the shadows or lips colours, I did however always keep the brush and this little guy is so fluffy and small, it’s perfect for gliding along my cheekbone to really brighten up my face. If anyone knows if you can buy these as a little separate brush please do let me know.

The second brush I love now to use for my highlighter is a newbie to my collection and that is the Blank Canvas F40. I bought this brush after attending the Lauren Cleare masterclass in Dublin which was amazing. She is a very talented MUA and has a great love of Blank Canvas brushes. This brush again is super soft, it holds product well (because the last thing you want is a shimmer falling off the brush and landing half way down your face) and I find it works on the top of my cheekbone really well, as it I feel it fits my face shape. This is a totally multi tasker brush but over the last two weeks for sure I am cleaning this and putting it back into my travel makeup bag as my highlighter brush. This brush retails at €13.99 and can be bought HERE

I do hope this brush series is helping you get some ideas on what brushes they're are out there and what they can be used for. I have found in the almost year of starting the blog that I am now at the stage that I want to start doing makeups more often and I want to have my tools ready to go that I am 100% comfortable with. I think brands are important in a way but you will learn to get the feel of the brush, you'll know yourself if it's applying products the right way that you want them to so if you see discount codes or offers available, treat yourself and build your collection slowly, Rome wasn't built in a day after all :)

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