Monday Rainbow Challenge... Beat the Blues!!!


Evening Ladies,

Here we are another Monday and another colour challenge for myself and Miss Ruby Laine. This week we decided on blue and I was very excited for this as Elaine herself had picked up a loose Fuschia glitter for me on a recent visit to their store. I love using glitter, as like many of you it can be absolutely terrifying so the first tip I have for you when using glitter is… Do your eyes first!! 

I made the mistake of having my foundation on first so ended up taking half of it off and starting again! Anyway… I really hope you like this week’s look, I finally made the wise decision to sit myself down on a Sunday, I had the apartment to myself, all my makeup laid out, tea at the ready and took my time creating this look. I used three different blues,  two from my Laveesha Chelsea Palette and then a navy blue from Inglot Makeup. I loved this colour and have been yet to use it so really happy with that. I then applied the lose glitter with duraline (a must have product from Inglot) and then some dramatic false lashes from Eyelure (review coming soon)

I used a range of brushes for this look as I had a lot of blending and colour to add so from my Blank Canvas collection I used my E24/25/26 and the F20 for foundation. I used my Inglot 6SS brush for blending and then I also used a fluffy shadow brush from Fuschia. You don’t need to have a brush per colour and blending but it makes it much easier if you do than trying to clean a brush as you go, it can delay you a lot. I applied most colours with one brush and blended them out with another. It’s really handy to have a clean fluffy brush on hand at all times if colours are not doing what you want them to do.  

So here is my sparkly blue look….

The bottom picture is clearly my fave the flash caught the glitter x

 Yes I am well chuffed with this look, using a black shadow to add a little depth with my liner and lashes was a good shout as it really helped to complete the look. I went for an orange blush and a nude lip so as not to take away too much from the eyes but I have to say it’s a little ‘yay for me’ with this look. I feel this whole series has thought me some good lessons as regards to makeup and prepping. I don't like showcasing bad looks and I think some of my colour challenges just haven't made the grade but now with better planning, I am happy to tackle the next few colours.

Now onto Miss Elaine’s look… 

Once again I was godsmacked when I saw this, I cannot get over her creativity a mean we say it’s a colour challenge but she just thinks totally outside the box and comes up with the most amazing looks. Needless to say I am totally jealous I didn't think of this but I think I will just keep my practice up with my eye looks and enjoy Elaine’s creative streak! We may both post something closer to Halloween wait and see.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s looks, I certainly liked this one the best so far so I deffo want to go and buy loads more glitter now!

Happy Monday all!!!  

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  1. Wow I really love this look Emma you really have come on so well in your make up looks you are an inspiration to us all

  2. Awh Pamela thank you so so much tha'ts so nice xx