Thursday Tanning Series- NKD SKN Mousse Medium


Hey All!!

Ooh it's Thursday and for this week it's actually my Friday as I am off tomorrow and my lovely other half just informed me he is taking me away for the night tomorrow so it's all very exciting at the mo!

Last week was just mental in work but it hasn't stopped me testing out my tans so this week we are going to have a quick run through of the NKD SKN Mousse in Medium. I was so chuffed to get this tan as I had read a lot of other bloggers really liking it. I was also over the moon to receive a 45% discount code for you all to avail of on the website until October 15th. This is posted on my Facebook page so be sure to check it out and treat yourself as you'll see why now!

So I was dying to try this tan and as I am now taking a break from my waxing, it has been so good to try out more tans on my legs as I think it's a better showcase of colour. I had prepped my skin, so exfoliating in the shower during the week, moisturising every day so my skin was all good and ready for the tanning mousse. 

So the mitt was standard and new so it gave me a great coverage, I am not enjoying my mitts falling apart when I try to wash them so it was brilliant to have a brand new mitt to lash on the mousse. The smell is great, nothing too intense which I like, the colour guide is very much there but don't be put off, I personally love a colour guide as you can see what you're doing! The drying time before dressing was also good, I am becoming more away to really let myself dry before either hopping into bed into my tan cosy to mind my sheets or to dress myself in some light dark clothing to dry during the day. You do have to be careful when tan is developing and I see many people blaming the tan for not coming out right but sometimes it really is us ladies so do be careful.

Here is my tan before my shower and I was in love with the colour! I thought the medium mousse had given me the perfect colour I would like on my legs for a night out so I was so so happy!

These are my unshowered legs one with flash, one without

So shortly after that pic I then went and took my shower and I didn't see much of a difference to my tan initially. I patted myself dry as always (be careful not to rub hard when you dry yourself as you can actually remove a lot of tan so pat yourself dry gently) I then went back out to the seat in our living room and took the next pic...

This is a pic with a flash

Excuse the toys on the floor, I had just received my Makeup Geek postal order and was so excited to open them! So this is the after picture with the flash, I don't know where the no flash pic went but there is a bit of a difference. Be it a good or bad idea I think I would either make the call not to shower (as in apply the tan the day I am heading out) or top up the tan with the instant which I am ordering for myself after the Beauty Show at the weekend. I think for me personally the medium mousse tan is perfect for when I don't want to be pale but not enough for the dark look I like to wear going out. I don't want to be a dirty tanned orange look and you absolutely would not get that from this tan but I am going to order the same mousse in dark and see for a 'night out' purpose would the dark be more up my street.

I think throughout the series, I am learning there are many different tan looks I like... I like not to look pasty pale so I like a soft healthy glow and then for some nights out I want to look completely sunkissed and glowing so it can really depend on the type of look you are wanting when buying a tan. Nowhere in this series have I been unhappy with a tan, I have just felt some tans were not the look I wanted to create so bear that in mind when you are purchasing a tan, it's an individual want and expectation so see what your own skin type is like, be sure to prep yourself perfectly and I'm sure all tans will look stunning on you. 

Emjoy your 45% dicount code ladies, I am purchasing two more products for myself xx

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