Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt... My verdict!


Hey Ladies,

This absolute beauty entered my life a few weeks back and I have not been able to put it down! That’s a huge statement for me as I have been trialling tans and mitts a lot over the last 10 weeks. It was one of my lovely readers that suggested I get in touch with the Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt and check out this product.

I was delighted to receive my mitt within a couple of days and I have to say, I didn’t know what to make of it when it arrived, it seemed huge but of course the first thing I was drawn to was the leopard print, it’s a big love in my life!!

I was also so happy to see that the packet your mitt comes in can be resealed and has a handle for carrying so I never have to worry whether the tan on the mitt will come off in a hand bag or onto my clothes (huge bonus point)

So I have now had this mitt at least the last month, it has been used with liquid tan, mousse tan, spray tans and it’s been lashed into the washing machine …. It is still perfect!!!

I genuinely cannot get over this product! I know many of you will be thinking €19.99 is a huge amount of money to pay for a mitt but on average you pat up to €5 for the other foam mitts and they may get one wash in the washing machine but never feel the same, this mitt is going to last you ages, it is so comfy on the skin and can be brought everywhere.

If that’s not enough….It has two parts!!!  You can take out the inside part (which has amazing little finger slots so you can control the mitt) Here is all the info from the website

"So, why is our glove unique and why will you want to buy it…..…

Our unique design means the Glove Your Body DUAL MITT does not slip around or off         the hand during application.
The design enables a streak free application that goes on evenly and smoothly every         time.
It saves you both time and money as it goes on quicker and uses less product.
It has a luxurious baby soft feel to the skin. The soft luxurious inner lining also                   ensures the skin is free from leakage, ensuring your hands stay clean, dry and                   unstained every time (tan and go – simple and easy).
Re-usable time and time again. It has a modern design with excellent durability. This         means you will save money with the Glove Your Body DUAL MITT versus traditional             mitts/gloves.
It is machine washable – our unique patent allows the Bodyglove to be washed time           and again without any loss of functionality.  
It is suitable for right or left hand users.
It works with all self-tanners, bronzers and tinted moisturisers.
For your convenience, it comes with its own travel bag."

I am so so happy with this product, I would 100% recommend it to my readers so be sure to click over to Glove Your Body Dual Tanning Application Mitt on Facebook.

"The mitt that fits like a glove"

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