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Hello Lovelies,

Tanning Thursdays have taken over my life ladies I don't know about you but I am loving having a bronzed glow now that the cold is coming in, it's like I trick myself into thinking I'm warmer haha! So onto this week's installment, my 2nd celebrity tanning products and this time we are looking at the Amy Childs Tan! Firstly take a look at the amount of products I was sent to review for the blog... Amazing packaging!! The purple is beautiful. I was sent two sample size products as the packaging for these was not yet complete but I will take you through them all throughout the post.

I mean WOW look at that packaging!

Celebrity tanning brands.. I won't lie its like when they bring out a perfume, you're just never too sure is it cheap smelling, short lasting, just a name on a bottle kinda gimmick? Well I am putting to bed straight away, Amy Childs tan is nothing like that, this is possibly one of the most surprising tanning products I have tried over my series so far.

Ok so to start with, the exfoliator and the moisturiser are possibly the nicest smelling products I have come across in the preparation part of tanning. It's a candy type smell similar to a lush product I tried before and can't wait to buy again this Christmas. The scrub is lovely on the skin and buffed my body well, the moisturiser is stunning and I have to get more of it now as the sample size is nearly gone :(

So onto the tans, here is some info I received from Ava @AmyChildsAcademy...

"We have the retail range in a light-medium and a medium-dark colour in the cream tan (Up Tan Gal) which is a rich nourishing non-sticky cream with a beautiful guide colour, giving you an instant tan of which is natural enough to wear out. We also have a spray in a can (Spr Amy) this has a 360 degree nozzle and a fine mist spray for an easy application. This can be applied using a mitt or directly sprayed.  Make sure you spray in a shower or bath area as there is over spray.  I also find the spray especially fantastic for hands and feet to get the perfect finish or when the tan is fading through washing of hands.  These tans develop over 8 to 12 hours so is best to leave over night, the guide colour is then washed off, leaving a fantastic streak free, natural looking tan.  All of Amy's products are alcohol and paraben free and have luxurious smells such as coconut scent in the tan and shimmer moisturiser and strawberries and cream in the exfoliator and professional moisturiser." - I mean when you're sent that info how could I not be excited!!

The three tans (my poor dark sample is gone)

The first product I tried and was dying to try was Up Tan Girl sample in Dark. On my initial contact conversation with Ava, we had discussed my pale skin and opted for a full sample of the light to medium which I have also tested now. My fave for a night out is the dark definately. It was lovely to put on, I slept in my Tan Cosy as always and I also used my Glove Your Body Dual Tan Mitt to apply all of these tans. 

The dark colour was fantastic when I wore it to an evening event recently. It lasted ages, came off with a nice fade and the moisturiser really helped to keep it on evenly on my body. I use the light-medium Up Tan Girl for days at work when I just want a little colour and it brightens up my skin something lovely. It's not a harsh colour and again it fades evenly off the body. I used the spray recently on my legs and I really liked the colour. I wasn't sure if my legs would be on show for an event and in fact they weren't but I just think there is something so nice about having a healthy glow on the skin when these cold nights have now arrived. I am already out of my dark sample and my moisturiser so these two products would be the first I would go back to again. 

I know it's more a poser makeup pic but this was the tan on and I'm wearing MAC NC35 foundation so it's that dark and looks flawless!

The exfoliator is lovely and lasting me ages. You don't need to use too much of this and as this was a full sized product I use it weekly in my prep for tanning. All in all, I have to be honest, I gave Amy Childs Tanning Products a good going over, I was hesitant in my estimations and it has blown me away! That's the absolute truth, it is complete pampering to use these products, from the stunning packaging to the mesmerising scents off the products not to mention the actual end result of the tan, this tanning range gets a huge thumbs up from me!

I am now in my 12th week of testing tans, that's the guts of three months I have road tested different beauties on all parts of my skin, wearing them out, testing how much of a rinse off colour change I get, how the fade has been and listening to people as well commenting on what shades suit me, what they like and don't like and Amy's tanning range is up there amongst the best well known tans. I am delighted to have been in touch with Ava and would highly and honestly recommend this brand to anyone looking for luxury in a bottle :)

If you would like to buy any of the range please please click over to the Amy Child Official website which I have linked HERE 

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