Monday Rainbow Challenge... Red!!


Yay it's October and you know what that means... Halloween time is coming!!!

So this week for our challenge we took on RED!

Now I used to love red, everything I bought I wanted in red and I am deffo a red lippy kinda girl. I was so excited to do this week's challenge and another headcold crept up on me and now my nose looks the same colour as the eyeshadow I am about to show you. I tried doing my whole face but it was one of those days when nothing would go right and I kept having to blow my nose (sorry to be blunt) so my foundation was only lasting mintues. I am not a pretty sight right now I can tell you :(

I once again used my Fuschia Makeup palette taking the pillar box red colour, a pink, a cream and a light brown to create a simple red look. The extra colours are to try and blend out the red onto my eye, you don't want it to look like your red shadow just stops. I went for a blown out eye so I wasn't too worried if I went slightly outward. My actual eyes are quite glassy from being ill so I wasn't attempting gel liner today. Instead I lined my lash line (close to the line as possible) with the new Blank Canvas Cosmetics Winging It liner just to fill in the line slightly and then I applied lashings of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. If I had been feeling better I'm sure I would have made this more dramatic but I did learn that red is a colour that can be used even in day makeup which is not something I had thought of using before.

The brushes were as always my Blank Canvas Cosmetics E24,25 & 26. I have two E25 brushes and I find these so good to use for blending.

Even my poor eyes look sick today :(

I attended the Professional Beauty Show yesterday with Miss Ruby Laine herself and we had a ball! We finally got to meet Una, owner of Blank Canvas Cosmetics and she treated us to some lovely new brushes. I also purchased another four to my ever growing Blank Canvas collection which I can't wait to showcase once they are all cleaned and ready for posing. We had a lovely time and both spoiled ourselves which is always a fun thing to do. 

Wait until you see Elaines look's for today, I don't think I have ever met an MUA more excited for Halloween than Elaine. We are gonna tackle a very different colour next week and I will be sure to do a big look as Elaine has really blown me away this week! I love it!!

Elaine is the absolute queen of Halloween themes and looks and I cannot wait for her Halloween Bloggers event at the end of the month, I really need to get my thinking cap on about what costume I want to scare people in on the day, a trip home to PartyWorld is needed.

We do hope you are enjoying our Rainbow Challenge, we are having great fun choosing colours and testing our skills but next week I shall be on top form :) 

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